SCPI: why and when to invest?

Like most French people, do you want to benefit from additional income? In this case, several solutions are available to you, including financial investment. However, instead of investing your money in an apartment, why not invest it in the shares of an SCPI? A real estate investment company has a rental stock generally made up of commercial leases and offers, in exchange for the purchase of shares, to return a certain percentage of the rents collected to the shareholders.

SCPI: what kind of real estate investment?

Investing in a real estate investment company, such as Corum SCPI, allows you to become the owner of part of its rental stock. We will see a little later what are the advantages inherent in the status of shareholder of an SCPI. There are two types of real estate investment companies: the capital company, which has the best return, and the tax company, allowing you to invest in housing eligible for Pinel or Malraux schemes for property tax exemption.

Why invest in a civil real estate investment company: benefits

  • An accessible investment: today, investing in SCPIs can be considered by any individual. Indeed, some companies offer a minimum starting amount of 200 euros. On the other hand, this type of investment does not require the completion of a notarial deed, which greatly facilitates the process.
  • Pooled risks: the impact of unpaid rent is largely limited, with an investment in an SCPI. This is particularly the case for companies that have numerous commercial leases. When choosing an investment company, it will therefore be necessary to know the tenants and the type of lease.
  • The possibility of benefiting from attractive taxation: some companies have real estate located only abroad, in the euro zone. Also, the dividends that you will receive will be net of any taxation, since it is the SCPI which is responsible for paying the tax to the country concerned.
  • Good profitability: indeed, this type of investment is definitely the most interesting at the moment. The yield of a real estate investment company is between 5 and 6%.
  • The collection of regular income: generally, the dividends received by shareholders are paid quarterly.
  • Security for savers: real estate investment companies are supervised by the Autorité des Marchés Financiers and undergo regular checks.
  • The absence of the disadvantages inherent in the status of owner: thanks to this investment, there is no need to manage the vacant apartments, to maintain the accommodation or to take care of the cash flow. Shareholders are content to simply collect the dividends quarterly.
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When to invest in a REIT?

  • When preparing for retirement: investing in an investment company is ideal for diversifying your assets and enjoying additional income when you retire. Also, it is advisable to invest in dismemberment. The shares are then subject to a discount and the income will be paid later. You will find more advice on the site
  • When you are young and active: this investment is a long-term investment. Therefore, it is essential to consider a long holding of shares, a strategy that pays off. Due to their accessibility, becoming a shareholder of a civil real estate investment company is recommended for young people who have some savings.

Today, it is possible to acquire shares in an SCPI via Internet platforms. However, several criteria must be taken into account, in particular the occupancy rate and the geographical location of the housing stock, before choosing.

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