Construction site: how to make it safe?

Any construction site, renovation, embellishment, must be secured for the protection of workers and people who pass or live in the place. Equipment and signs must be used for temporary securing of the site which will make it possible to signal work or visit dangerous places.

The different construction sites and their dangers

We can all be confronted with repairs to our home, in town or in the countryside, in a house or building.

The condominium has decided to repaint the building, scaffolding is mounted on the facade The door or the entrance hall must be particularly protected, because the person passes under the scaffolding as under a ladder. She could get some paint or a tool on her head. We cannot necessarily minimize entries and exits.

The danger is accentuated at the level of the windows on the work side, they must be closed. Dust and odors can be dangerous or inconvenient, and for the safety of children and our property, it is better to keep these entrances closed.

Replacing tiles, renovating frameworks, building a garage and an additional room, or a swimming pool, are all sites that can be dangerous for residents, their families, their animals and their friends. Children must not approach the construction site. They can only watch from afar. Rules will be established by the parents. The dog will be kept away by a leash or in an enclosure.

Personal equipment

To see the progress of the work. We have to go there, we have to enter the premises. Even though the workers stopped working during this visit, it is still a potentially dangerous place.

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If you do the work yourself, the instructions are the same. You have to dress accordingly. We needindividual personal equipment (PPE). This equipment is compulsory, any boss must impose the wearing of it on his workers. The regulations at this level can be consulted on the DGCCRF website (Direction Générale de la Concurrence, Consumption et de la Repression des Frauds).

On construction sites, it is compulsory to wear a helmet, high protection gloves, goggles, noise-canceling headphones, a mask, coveralls, hard-shelled shoes or overshoes, depending on the case. The site supervisor lends the necessary protection for the site visit.

The signs

Signaling and indication signs are easy to understand by everyone, regardless of the language spoken or the age of the child. They must be placed in strategic places to avoid accidents. They will indicate the direction of travel, places prohibited to the public, if toxic products are used and if there is a risk of falling objects or uneven ground. The frequent exit of vehicles must be signaled upstream of the construction site in full view, accompanied by a reduced speed sign.

A particular sign will give information on the construction site and the company that is carrying it out.

To clean

The company or yourself if you are doing the work personally, must carefully clean the land and the surroundings of the site when the machines, rubble and workers leave. There should be no sharp or dangerous objects left.

While the work lasts, the place must be secure and prohibited to the public and to dogs, since you cannot prevent a cat or any wild animal from going there.

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To secure

If the site is dangerous for others and the entrances cannot be closed, safety means must be used. You can install a temporary fence, or screen walls, remote surveillance cameras with signs indicating their presence or a security guard with or without a dog. These means will at the same time avoid site thefts. Any proven accident on our land is under our responsibility or that of the contractor according to the contract, which is why it is important to secure the site as much as possible day and night.

During the day, the workers are concentrated on the work and cannot pay attention to what is happening around, the signs must be explicit to give no access during dangerous work.

Leave for a few days

When the work takes place in certain rooms of the inhabited house and reduces the playground for children, it is better to go on vacation for a few days, taking a dog and a cat. This is surely the best way to secure the premises. All that is needed is one person responsible for the work on site. The workers will work more calmly and therefore much faster.

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