Buying a house in Aubervilliers: all you need to know

Are you planning to buy a house in Aubervilliers? Whether it is to live there or for a rental investment, this can be a very good choice. In recent years, this French city has been the subject of renewed interest in real estate investment. This can be explained as well by its geographical location as by its strengths on various levels. But of course, a good market research is essential before concluding.

To make your home purchase in Aubervilliers a success, here is a quick overview of the advantages, but also the realities you must take into account.

Buying a house in Aubervilliers: what are the city’s strengths?

Whether economically, tourist or in terms of infrastructure, Aubervilliers is a city that has many assets.

An advantageous geographical location

Located in the department of Seine-Saint-Denis (93) in the Île-de-France region, Aubervilliers is a very dynamic town. It is located at the limit of the 19th arrondissement of Paris and Saint-Denis. Which makes it an ideal residential area for people working in Paris. A few minutes by metro are enough to get to the heart of the capital.

Developed communication and transport routes

A city bordering Paris, Aubervilliers has several means of communication, favoring its access to the Paris region road and motorway network. It is notably served by:

  • Several highways: A86, RD932 and RD901;
  • Metro lines: 7 and 12 from the Paris metro, 3b from the tramway;
  • RATP bus lines;
  • Two stations: La Plaine-Stade de France station and La Courneuve-Aubervilliers station.
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In addition, a new metro (the Grand Paris Express) will be gradually put into service between 2024 and 2030.

Buying a house in Aubervilliers: info and advice

Aubervilliers, a pleasant and dynamic city

Aubervilliers offers a very pleasant living environment to its inhabitants. Whether alone, as a couple or as a family, you can take advantage of the city’s many cultural and sporting spaces. The Théâtre de la Commune, the Zingaro equestrian theater, the Le Studio cinema, the Center d’Arts Plastiques d’Aubervilliers, the Conservatory, as well as the 4 municipal libraries are some of the centers of attraction for Albertville residents.

The city is also home to many shops, several schools (more than 40) and is the seat of many companies (small and medium) which actively participate in the economic development of the city.

What’s the real estate price in Aubervilliers?

Due to its proximity to the capital, Aubervilliers is experiencing, like many other municipalities, an upward trend in property prices in its territory. However, these remain relatively attractive, depending on the property concerned and the area sought.

Still attractive prices

Despite the overall rise in prices recorded in recent years, real estate in Aubervilliers naturally remains much more accessible than in Paris, as well as in several other departments of the Paris suburbs.

In 2021, the prices per square meter recorded in Aubervilliers vary globally between 4000 euros and 5000 euros, with an estimated average of around 4,500 euros. This remains far from the median 11,200 euros recorded in Paris.

Prices vary depending on the type of property

In Aubervilliers as in any region of France, prices vary according to the type of property targeted. For example, for apartments, the average price per m2 is estimated at approximately 4,500 euros. On the other hand, for the purchase of a house in Aubervilliers, the price per square meter to be expected is rather 4000 euros.

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Variable prices depending on the location of the property

Prices also change depending on the location of the property. By way of illustration, the city center posts an average price of 6,000 euros per m2, while in the Paul Bert-Vallès-Marcreux districts, the average price displayed drops to the average of 3,000 euros / m2.

Buying a house in Aubervilliers

Which neighborhoods to favor for buying a house in Aubervilliers?

To take advantage of the city’s assets and a good quality of life, it is important to choose the district in which to buy your house in Aubervilliers. In this regard, for reasons of accessibility, safety and health, we recommend more particularly the following districts:

  • Aubervilliers Center Ville;
  • Villette – 4 Chemins;
  • Fort d’Aubervilliers;
  • Porte d’Aubervilliers;
  • Landy – Plaine – Pressed.

These neighborhoods are not only secure, but they also have good development dynamics. For example, Fort d’Aubervilliers Very soon, under the initiative of Grand Paris Aménagement, will host a eco-neighborhood of 1000 dwellings. Neighborhoods like La Villette – 4 Chemins, for their part, offer quick access to the capital

In addition, it is important to note the properties available on the local real estate market are mainly apartments. Making your home purchase in Aubervilliers a reality may therefore require relatively long research. In order to put the odds in your favor, it is therefore recommended that you do this early. Also, consider entrusting your research to a real estate agency or a real estate negotiator in order to seize in time the good opportunities that may arise in this market.

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