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Just as the Leo is king, the Leo ascendant is the leader and showman of the zodiac. Ruled by the Sun, this Leo astrological sign has a dynamic and attractive personality. Leo ascendants know how to take control of situations, especially social ones. Their charismatic personality attracts people and earns you special attention and admiration.

The astrological profile of the ascendant Leo

People with a Leo ascendant can’t help but get noticed. They exude a special energy and magnetism that attracts the attention of others.

People with Leo ascendant are very aware of themselves and their bodies. They have a keen awareness of others and how they present themselves. In fact, these people are particularly aware of their personal « backdrop ». Often Leo natives feel like they’re on stage, even in the privacy of their own home!

Leo Ascendants are prone to rash decisions, tantrums, and excesses. However, they have a lot of stamina, drive and their idealism keeps them from getting into too much trouble. The desire to supervise the activities of those around them can sometimes be akin to authoritarianism.

The tendency to overestimate things, and themselves, is usually present in Leo ascendants. This is due to a natural enthusiasm and optimism for any new venture.

People with Leo ascendant are generally demonstrative. They have an unusual need to be admired.

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No matter how old they are in the real world, Leo ascendants are children at heart. They love to have fun and are warm, generous and high spirited.

Leo in a nutshell:

Strong points : Captivating, witty and curious
Weaknesses : Suspicious, irascible and spendthrift
Ideal partner : Someone they can make a mental connection with
Life lesson for the Aries ascendant : Failure is a sign that you should try harder.

The influence of the ascendant Leo on your astrological sign

Discover what the Aries ascendant brings to the astrological signs.

The influence of the Leo ascendant in love

When it comes to seduction, ascendant Leo, you are the best and people naturally envy your abilities. Your looks captivate people, and your gift for words helps inspire confidence. In love, you are looking for someone to pamper and spoil. You have luxury tastes and like to capsize your partner by showing them your feelings. Your sex appeal is off the charts and makes a lot of people’s heads spin!

People with a Leo rising sign have a warm and loving heart, which makes them caring and loyal lovers. You expect your lover or partner to have self-confidence, to be able to defend themselves. Leo goes well with the other fire signs, Sagittarius and Aries. Air signs like Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius also go well together.

Weaknesses and strengths of the Leo ascendant

Leo Ascendants live their lives in the present moment and seek to enjoy life to the full. Those who have the time to know them realize that they are kind, loving and generous people. Deep down, Leo Ascendants are sweet kittens and have a hard time accepting or hearing negative criticism or advice; it hurts them too much.

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Leo Ascendants can enthuse and win others over with their visions of future possibilities and big ideas with enthusiasm, warmth, and a positive attitude toward life. They have the ability to motivate and lead with their charisma, and are particularly well suited to leadership roles at work. They like to hold the reins by taking the lead in life.

For the Leo Ascendant, being open to learning new things is a way to interact with new people. He adapts well because they don’t like to stick to old ways.
The Leo ascendant can be seen as arrogant and self-centered on the outside, as if the world should revolve around them. They can sometimes be narcissistic, as they often put their needs first. He can be very direct and hurt others with his words without caring about the damage caused.

These celebrities who have the sign of Leo ascending

  • Justin Timberlake (Aquarius Rising Leo)
  • Muhammad Ali (Aquarius rising Leo)
  • Celine Dion (Aries ascendant Leo)
  • Donald Trump (Gemini ascendant Leo)
  • Elton John (Aries rising Leo)
  • Marilyn Monroe (Gemini ascendant Leo)
  • Emmanuelle Beart (Leo Rising Leo)

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