Our best anti-stress tips

Whether a man is successful in life depends heavily on his well-being. However, the life of the majority of men is most often marked by situations that cause chronic anxiety disorders. Therefore, it has become a public health problem. However, today there are both scientific and natural ways to remedy it. In order to respond effectively to the problem of stress, we offer you in this article some tips and advice.

What does stress mean?

For ordinary mortals, stress designates an absolutely visible biological reflex linked to psychic and physical excitement. It is a sensual reaction that starts from within to be noticed on the physical level.

It begins with a shock that puts the heart in a wild dance as the muscles weaken. It is a reaction to which the body adapts easily and quickly. Indeed, as soon as the shock is received, the nervous system and the hypothalamus communicate to allow the adrenal gland to release adrenaline. But there are organisms that are less resilient to the point where a stressed person can fall into exhaustion. It can even lead to depression. And to avoid this, several means are available nowadays.

The different tips to fight against stress

Today there is a multitude of recommendations medications as well as techniques to reduce the effects of anxiety. If there are some that are natural, we must also recognize that there are some that are scientifically verified. Among the recognized drugs, LT03 also reduces anxiety. But all in all, we can retain the following tips:

deep breathing

Practitioners of « yoga » or martial arts understand how vital deep breathing is for the normal functioning of the human organism. It is a scientifically confirmed source of energy for the body. Indeed, when you breathe deeply, the body generates additional oxygen which helps reduce tension; which relieves stress.

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Walking for 10 minutes

Walking allows you to clear your memory and stimulate endorphins which have the function of reducing stress hormones.


It is close to the breathing method. But the particularity is the concentration that characterizes this phase. It consists of naturally crossing the upper limbs while having the back straight in a vertical position in relation to the ground. Then you breathe deeply and as slowly as possible for a few minutes. It is a source technique of “yoga”.

This exercise requires you to close your mouth and eyes during practice. After the minutes have passed, you exhale slowly. You must repeat the exercise over and over while clearing your mind of negative thoughts until you feel inner calm.

Eat anti-stress foods

Many people misunderstand what the belly represents in relation to the human body. We can say that he is the second brain of man. In fact, the intestine contains 90% of neurotransmitters in the brain. So you have to be aware of what you eat. This is the type of advice you can find at dr-alimentation.fr

To prepare the brain to respond effectively to cases of stress, it is recommended to favor rich foods in vitamin, omega 3, proteins, carbohydrates, fibers and especially in vitamins D and C. This helps to strengthen the immune system and to avoid temporary depressions. The gut undoubtedly has an impact on brain function and human behavior.

Listen to music

Music is a real source of calm. It eases blood pressure and slows down the rate of the heart. Music is one of the anti-stress surgical means.

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Get away from phones and computers

It is by disconnecting yourself from the outside world that you create the conditions favorable to the tranquility of the brain. However, with telephones and computers, you are always connected to the outside world, which prevents you from emptying your brain to allow it to secrete anti-stress hormones.

There are many other tips such as hydration, stretching, sleep… The list is far from exhaustive.

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