Choose a turnkey solution for your rental investment

Rental investment can be a source of additional income, very useful to supplement your resources, at the time of retirement for example. Some, however, lack the time or live far from where they would like to rent a property. Others have the feeling of not mastering a rather complex domain. This is why companies take charge of your rental investment project, offering you turnkey solutions.

Choosing a property

If you are looking to invest in rental property, it is in your interest to entrust your project to a company who will take care of it in all its stages.

If you choose this solution, you will be accompanied by real estate professionals, who will provide your project with proven skills and know-how.

According to Forbes, today there are dynamic companies ready to offer you a turnkey rental investment. At first, they study your request carefully, learn about your objectives and the sums you intend to devote to the rental investment.

Based on these criteria, the company begins the search for a property that meets your expectations. A long professional experience and the presence of a large network of partners allow you to quickly direct the search towards properties that meet the initial criteria.

Drawing on their experience, your advisors will be able to find accommodation with the best value for money. In a short time, they will have grouped together, for you, the properties likely to interest you. If one of them seduces you, you just have to choose it.

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From construction to rental

Once the property has been chosen by you, the company accompanies you in the steps necessary for its acquisition. It helps you develop a financing plan and assists you with the administrative formalities to be completed.

If you are building a property, competent collaborators take care of the design of the plans, which they submit to you at each stage of their development. They also select the companies that will build the accommodation or undertake the development or renovation work that may prove necessary.

As the company supports your project from its formulation to its final phase, she also takes care of finding a tenant whose profile meets your expectations and the usual requirements of an owner.

At your request, the company can even take over the rental management of the accommodation. It can therefore check the inventory, collect the rent paid by the tenant and study his requests.

As soon as you open a free account, you have a dedicated personal space, which allows you to follow the progress of the project, step by step. As part of a personalized support, you benefit from the advice of professionals at your disposal, who strive to meet your specific needs.

An advisor is often made available to you, to serve as a referent and answer your questions. It is he who ensures the follow-up of the project for you.

Many advantages

These turnkey solutions allow you to realize your rental investment in the best conditions. First of all, they allow you to save a lot of time.

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Between work and family, your schedule is not infinitely expandable. However, it is necessary to devote many hours to the visits of housing, to appointments with the banker or to the inspection of the works. As the chosen company takes care of it for you, you save yourself a lot of time and fatigue.

This choice includes a another notable advantage. If you live far from the place chosen for the purchase of an apartment, the realization of your rental investment project can even become problematic. This is even more true if you live abroad.

In this case, the handling of the entire project by a specialized company is the ideal solution.

Finally, the expertise of the teams taking charge of your project is not the least advantage of these turnkey solutions. Competent professionals intervene at each stage of the project. Some have specific skills in finding real estate, others are seasoned entrepreneurs or experienced lawyers.

You are also entitled to expect that your adviser defines, according to your budget and your objectives, a specific strategy, which allows you to carry out your rental investment under the best conditions.

He will advise you in particular on the choice of solutions allowing you a real tax optimization. He may recommend that you, for example, opt for the status of Non-Professional Furnished Rental (LMNP), which allows you to benefit from very advantageous taxation.

This management of your rental investment project by people whose job it is therefore ensures you great peace of mind. You know that at each stage of the chain, seasoned professionals take care of everything for you.

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