The Izicarte bank card

Izicarte looks like a classic bank card. However, this new Caisse d’Epargne payment method offers several possibilities. Find out what payment on credit is. How does this credit card that gives access to revolving credit work? We tell you all about the advantages of this method of payment.

What is the Izicarte bank card?

The Izicarte blue card is offered by the Caisse d’Epargne group. This is an international card used to pay or withdraw money. But more than just a bank card, it gives access to revolving credit in the Caisse d’Epargne bank.

How does the Izicarte card work?

The credit card is easy to use. When you pay for purchases, choose the method of payment on the terminal, by typing 1 or 2. The same principle applies for a withdrawal at the cash dispenser.

If the revolving credit envelope is exhausted, all payments will be in cash.

To view all your payments, you can go to your customer area or on a mobile application.

Please note that the card only works in France.

What is the Extended Manufacturer’s Warranty?

The manufacturer’s warranty is an extension available two years with the classic Izicarte visa card and three years with the visa 1 carder Izicard.

Thanks to this guarantee, you no longer need to take out a contract when you buy expensive equipment (household appliances, computer equipment, tablets, game consoles, etc.). By having this bank card, you directly benefit from this option.

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When your device breaks down, the Caisse d’Epargne covers the costs associated with the repair (replacement of parts, labour, travel expenses, etc.). And this, within the limit of 2000 euros per year and per claim. No deductible applies.

If your equipment cannot be repaired, a replacement device is made available to you or you are reimbursed.

Be aware, however, that there are conditions. The warranty extension only works on purchases over 75 euros. Payment must also be made with the Izicarte bank card. To justify your purchase, keep a copy of your receipt.

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The prices of the Izicarte bank card

Pricing may vary depending on the regional Caisse d’Epargne. Each of them has room for maneuver in terms of tariffs.

However, it takes an average of 40 euros per year for a classic Visa Izicarte bank card and no less than 130 euros for the Visa Premier.

To this are added options such as the choice of the visual of the card (about 10 euros for a classic Visa).

The advantages of Izicarte

Izicarte benefits from flexible management. Consult your transactions easily from your Internet space.

You can also have control over your revolving credit by accelerating the repayment or by shifting to the month following the payment of the monthly payment. The amount of the monthly payment can also be modified, as can the date of withdrawal.

You can also activate the SMS alert service to be notified when 60% of your authorized overdraft is reached. A simple “OK” response to the message received allows you to make a transfer directly from your revolving credit to your bank account.

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How do I subscribe to an Izicarte card?

To obtain an Izicarte card, make an appointment with a Caisse d’Epargne advisor. This will study your situation as well as your ability to repay. Indeed, revolving credit is granted to those who have good management of their account.

The bank grants itself the right to accept or refuse your request for CB Izicarte.

Cash or credit, possibilities and differences

The Izicarte card is a classic means of payment with a specificity.

Indeed, it offers two possibilities:

  • to pay in cash: the sum is debited from your checking account;
  • to pay on credit within the limit of the available amount: when subscribing to the contract, you then signed a loan offer. This banking service is linked to a revolving credit.

From your Internet space, you can unlock your revolving credit. The process consists of making a credit payment on your account.

How to find it when you make purchases or a withdrawal? In fact, you have to be very careful in always checking the method of payment. The cardholder will have every interest in never letting a third person handle his bank card in the payment terminal.

If you do not wish to use the revolving credit, you can request it from your bank. Send a letter to your adviser to cancel this service.

You will retain the benefits of the Izicarte card. And she does not risk being blocked.

In case of regular use of the card to pay on credit, make sure before that the loan turns out to be attractive in terms of rates. Before subscribing to an Izicarte card, compare the credits available on the market.

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