New technology puts itself at the service of Lille owners

Finding a tenant is not always easy. But there are platforms like Flatlooker for example, which works to facilitate exchanges and allow landlords to find tenants as soon as possible and under the best conditions. Operational since 2016, this platform offered its services mainly to owners in Paris and those in the surrounding departments. Having conquered many owners for their ingenious ideas, this start-up has continued to develop its services. Since 2018, this company has extended its field of intervention and offers its services to property owners in Lyon. Recently, Flatlooker arrived in Lille and quickly caused a sensation.

An innovative concept

Flatlooker’s bet is to make life easier for both owners and rental housing prospects. The main objective of this start-up is to “simplify access to rental in a saturated and relatively traditional market”. Flatlooker puts its know-how at the service of tenants who wish quickly find accommodation which perfectly meets their criteria and owners who would like find reliable tenants in the shortest possible time.

Why is the concept innovative? Because Flatlooker allows tenants to search for accommodation and landlords to find a tenant, without having to travel. Indeed, Flatlooker is a 100% online agency where everyone finds their account. Like any rental management company, the company takes care of all the administrative, technical and financial aspects in accordance with the regulations in force.

This platform is therefore a good alternative to traditional real estate agencies by providing more practical and accessible services for landlords and tenants in Lille. Indeed, it responds to issues relating to the lack of information that many are confronted with when consulting ordinary real estate advertisements.

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Property Lille

Having recourse to rental management in Lille by Flatlooker also allows owners to be reassured in relation to the deadbeat tenant issues. The agency is responsible for choosing the most serious profile and the most likely to respect the terms of the rental contract by scrupulously examining the files.

Various services designed to meet everyone’s needs

Playing the role of intermediary between tenants and owners, Flatlooker offers various services.

Rental management

With rental management as its main activity, Flatlooker takes charge of rent collection with tenants through a system of automatic payments and reminders. This allows landlords to be guaranteed to collect rents in less than 7 days on their account. In addition, they can benefit from the assistance of the agency when declaring their property income to the competent administration.

In addition, this online real estate agency also carries out the technical management of incidents that may occur in the accommodation. Working in partnership with local craftsmen, Flatlooker makes sure to quickly solve the small technical problems of everyday life, which allows owners and tenants to have peace of mind in all circumstances.

What is interesting with this start-up is that it is possible tohave a follow-up of the rental management of your property. It is also possible to contact a manager at any time for any request for information or assistance. The owners also have a personal online space, on which they can access all the information concerning their properties 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.

By using the space dedicated to tenants, they can monitor the contract, as well as the work that takes place in the accommodation. They can also consult and validate the various quotes.

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Valuation of the rental property

Renting a property requires a certain know-how in order to find a tenant quickly. It is therefore important to know how to highlight all the assets of the accommodation. In order to maximize the chances of finding a tenant quickly, Flatlooker makes sure to provide complete information so that potential tenants can find everything they need during an online visit with just a few clicks.

Flatlooker performs 360 degree video reports and photo to highlight the assets of the properties offered for rent. Potential tenants can thus take a virtual tour and discover all the corners of the accommodation without leaving their homes.

The company uses professional photographers to take the shots. The photos will then be broadcast on the channels most visited by apartment and house rental seekers. This agency also takes advantage of social networks and its network of partners in order to make the advertisements discoverable to as many people as possible.

The property development service also includes the selection of candidates according to solvency criteria established by the owners. The company also verifies the authenticity of the documents issued by the tenants in order to avoid unpleasant surprises. It also takes the necessary steps, such as drafting of lease agreementsigning leases, carrying out an inventory and various acts relating to the rental, once the tenant has been found and validated.

Real Estate Rental

Rent estimate

Flatlooker is based on a state-of-the-art algorithm in order toestimate the rent of a property as accurately as possible. This algorithm is based on data from hundreds of homes managed by the start-up, as well as public data and data extracted from around a hundred thousand rental property advertisements.

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To use the estimator, all you have to do is enter various information about the property such as the surface area to be rented, the number of rooms, the year of construction and other additional information such as the number of floors.

Unpaid rent insurance

Unpaid rents are the main fear of landlords, although the rate of unpaid rents is relatively low in France, only 3%. As zero risk does not exist despite a rigorous selection of files, Flatlooker offers a unpaid rent insurance. Landlords are thus covered for unpaid rent, but also for material damage. They will also benefit from legal protection.

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