How to invest in SCPI with

The paper stone or SCPI translates as an investment aimed at acquiring shares from a residential or professional real estate park and then collecting the rents with the intermediary of a management company. With several strong points, this investment is now more than 30 billion euros in capitalization from the year 2015. Many are then the actors in the field of real estate who offer services to invest in this type of investment .

SCPI and how it works

As mentioned before, this is a company in charge of acquiring business property to be managed by a management entity approved by the Autorité des Marchés Financiers. The latter will recommend investors so as to encourage them to keep their shares for a period of at least 8 years in order to obtain the most return on their investments. It is the management entity that takes care of detecting the investor, then finding the tenants and finally maintaining the property once purchased.

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Invest in this type of investment, how to proceed with SCPI PORTAL?

In principle on Portail SCPI, there are two ways to invest in SCPI, either on credit or in cash.

Cash investment

The cash investment is a technique allowing people with cash to get into the SCPI in order to quickly create additional income. These net amounts with expenses and management fees will be paid quarterly according to the income distributed. Mutualization and risk reduction with quality real estate support are advantages of cash investing.

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investment on credit

Unlike cash investment, this is for people with a capacity for debt and monthly savings. Investing in SCPIs on credit is a way of building up real estate assets in the medium and long term. Generating income, the investment in SCPI will help repay the monthly loan payment. Indeed, the credit leverage effect represents one of the main privileges of this investment.

Trust an advisor to invest

The majority of investors testify to the importance of contacting an independent service provider when deciding to embark on an SCPI. In addition to having the necessary skills in the field, the intermediary has access to all the SCPIs present on the market. This will allow you to avoid any confrontation with concerns of non-independence sometimes encountered at the banker or the broker in relation to the management companies.

As you can see, there are classic network banks and private banks that offer their own SCPI. In the majority of cases, these are fairly mediocre offers, in addition some management firms do not have direct access to the SCPI market. Therefore, it is essential to choose your adviser carefully before investing.

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