Muscle your perineum: 5 exercises to do at home

Unlike the abdominals, the muscles of the perineum are poorly maintained. Yet they maintain the abdominal organs. At the end of a pregnancy, it is recommended to follow a rehabilitation of the perineum with a midwife or a physiotherapist. But at home, it is possible to strengthen your perineum using simple exercises. Discover all the steps to take to take care of your pelvic floor.

First exercise

This exercise can be done lying down to start (at least the first six weeks), then standing up when you have more practice.

Begin by inhaling slowly. Then exhale slowly and completely by contracting all the muscles of the perineum, as if you were holding back urination. Hold the contraction as long as possible, at least 10 seconds. Pause, then repeat the exercise ten times.

To note : you should never exercise when you pee. This could lead to urinary tract infections and complications. In the same way, do not squeeze the buttocks or contract other muscles during the exercise.

Second exercise

Lying on your back on an exercise mat, bend your legs, leaving your feet flat on the floor. Inhale, then exhale gently contracting the perineum. Completely empty the air from the lungs before blocking your breath by covering your nose. Then raise the air located in your belly to your chest. At the same time, try to inhale. Your belly should widen and your chest should expand.

Practice the exercise up to ten times while pausing. This gentle exercise can be practiced the day after childbirth.

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To note : When practicing this exercise, maintain good posture: back straight, pelvis and spine neutral. On the other hand, the lower back should not be flat on the ground or arched. He must make a small bridge naturally.

The half bridge

This is a yoga posture that helps strengthen the perineum.

Lie on your back, arms along your body. Your legs should be bent and your feet flat on the floor. Inhale normally, then contract the perineum by blowing gently. Then squeeze your buttocks and press your feet to tilt the pelvis. Then, lift your buttocks off the ground while blowing for ten seconds. Slowly lower back down, unrolling the spine. The exercise is to be repeated ten times.

kegel exercise, the elevator

The exercise is performed both lying down and standing up. To succeed, imagine your perineum as a four-story elevator. Contract your perineum a little more with each floor reached, while pausing each time.

During the Kegel exercise, your perineum contracts. You also feel a rising sensation towards your sternum or chest.

First stage: the muscles of the perineum are contracted for one second. Pause by gently releasing.

Second stage: the contraction lasts two seconds. Try to pull the perineum up towards the top of the body, then gently release.

Third stage: the muscles of the perineum are contracted. Raise it a little more for three seconds. Release.

Fourth stage: The contraction now lasts four seconds. Relax slowly.

Exercise on a chair

Sit in a chair with your back straight. Then contract the anterior perineum for five seconds, as if you were holding back an urge to urinate. Then release for ten seconds. The operation can be repeated ten times.

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Then, contract the posterior perineum as if you wanted to hold gas. Hold the position for five seconds, then release for ten seconds. Repeat ten times.

And to go even further, also perform breathing exercises by exhaling and stretching your back well.

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