Invest in Toulouse: top 4 of the best neighborhoods

You made the decision to make a rental investment in the city of Toulouse, but you still don’t know which neighborhood to invest in, are you spoiled for choice? The choice must consider your target as well as the amount you plan to spend, especially since the price per square meter varies according to the district. Whatever, the Toulouse rental market remains interesting for its purchase price which is still affordable compared to other major French cities. Many people want to settle in Toulouse, whether to study, work or just live.

If you wish to invest in new real estate in Toulouse, several choices are possible: rental to studentscolocation, Pinel, seasonal rental… First city in France where to invest, this city has several advantages: stable real estate costs, significant demographic growth, LGV high-speed line which connects Paris in 3 hours, a university center and major schools welcoming more than 100,000 students every year… Depending on the type of property and the district, the yield can go from single to double. Thus, it is essential to know how to identify your objective and determine your needs and budget before starting. Focus on the best neighborhoods to invest in in the Pink City.

The hyper-center

If prices are down in many sectors, this is not the case in the hyper-center of Toulouse. Indeed, in this “golden triangle” the price continues to rise. A passion which is explained by the heritage value of an apartment in this area. By making a purchase in a hyper-centre, buyers are certain of having a property that does not will not lose its value in the next few years, whether they choose to live there or rent it. On the contrary, being a very restricted market, in which the offer is made increasingly rare, they are sure to have opportunities over the years. As proof, a studio marketed at 79,000 euros near the Cabanis Media Library is sold in three days.

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In addition, there are many students in the Hyper-centre, in particular due to the presence of several second and third cycle schools, renowned high schools, private and public higher education. On the other hand, the lifestyle is quality in this part. Especially since the city has preserved its very Hispanic soul despite the years. In this sector, tapas bars are now a way of life and no longer a fashion. All these qualities make the hyper-centre an attractive center to be favored for making an investment in Toulouse.

Sea Bream Cross

The Croix-Daurade is one of the largest neighborhoods in Toulouse. This has managed to preserve its Toulouse soul while being a highly residential area. The people who live there particularly appreciate its village area in a city. Which makes it pleasant to live with on a daily basis. In this district, life is easier with its market, its small traders, its garden, the sporting or cultural events organized…

Located a few minutes from the Hyper-centre, Toulouse residents who are seduced by this quality of life many want to settle in the Croix-Daurade district. Its strengths include the living environment and reasoned development. If you wish to invest in Toulouse, this address offers you very interesting real estate investment opportunities.

The cottages

When we speak of exceptional heritage, this does not always mean museum district. And working people from Toulouse are aware of this when they decide to settle in this district. Toulouse families particularly appreciate its magnificent 19th century neo-classical facadesits undeniable charm (famous restaurants and cafeterias, etc.), as well as its cultural richness… They are also seduced by its day-to-day life facilities: major schools, Jeanne d’Arc metro, local shops… To invest in the city of Toulouse, the Chalet district is undoubtedly one of the addresses to study

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This district particularly attracts small budgets. Indeed, the most modest students who cannot find accommodation in the center are looking for shared accommodation in Rangueil, near Paul Sabatier University. On the investor side, the price are softer. It is one of the most important scientific centers in France CNES, CNRS, INSERM, ISAE… a university campus with more than 30,000 students, a university hospital… The district is served by the metro line B and several bus lines, which allows easy access from the Hyper Center of Toulouse. Many tenants also want to settle in this area for the flourishing economic activity of its companies. Its urban living environment with its local services also appeal to families and students in Rangueil. Including the green hillsides of Pech-David which are only a few minutes from the district.

These many qualities grouped together on a single site, make Rangueil a district to be favored for making a rental investment in Toulouse.

How to choose your real estate investment in Toulouse?

Now that you know the advantages of these areas, all you have to do is find the accommodation that will allow you to make the best new Toulouse real estate investment.

Before embarking on any purchase, you must first think about the type of property in which you wish to invest because it is on this that depends the type of tenant that it could interest. Area of the good is also very important because the more important it is, the higher the price of the good will be. Indeed, the price of the property is estimated by multiplying the surface area by the price per square meter in the residential area concerned.

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It must also be taken into account the number of rooms in the house, for example, the more rooms there are in the accommodation, the greater the value of the property. In addition, the more rooms you have, the more you will attract a larger clientele. If you have several rooms you can rent it to a family with children or even rent the rooms to shared students. Then, we will have to look at the Outdoor Facilities, a property with a terrace, a swimming pool or even a garden will automatically see its price increase.

Finally, thehousing conditionif you invest in a new property then you will have nothing to worry about otherwise you will have to do some work.

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