The key points to choose your auto insurance

Insuring your car represents a significant budget. It is therefore important to carefully choose the formula that suits you best. Depending on your own situation, certain criteria should be taken into account before taking out your insurance contract.

Driving profile and habits

Your profile is indeed taken into account by auto insurers. Certain characteristics may appear to them as risky elements, sometimes leading them to increase the premiums. This is the case with age.

This is how seniors can have interest in signing specific contracts offered by certain insurers who, for reasonable rates, adapt their guarantees to this type of public.

Similarly, young drivers, due to their relative inexperience on the road, are often perceived by insurers as more dangerous motorists. It would also be more appropriate to speak of novice drivers, who are not distinguished only by their age.

By using an insurance comparator, it is possible to find formulas which, while offering higher premiums, remain within reasonable limits and also offer guarantees that meet the expectations of novice drivers.

Your driving habits also influence the choice of your car insurance. Thus, if you drive little, it is in your interest to take out insurance per kilometer. In this case, you must not exceed a certain annual mileage, but, in exchange, your insurance premium will be lower.

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Vehicle condition and deductibles

The car insurance chosen also depends on the condition of the car. To insure a used vehicle of low value, basic third-party insurance will probably be sufficient. To cover your new car, on the contrary, comprehensive insurance is more appropriate.

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The amount of costs remaining at your expense in the event of a claim should also be taken into account when choosing your insurance. In this respect, the moderate price of certain insurance premiums is often offset by the high level of deductibles charged.

The level of guarantees

The choice of car insurance will largely depend on the extent of the guarantees desired. In this area, three solutions are available to you.

You can first choose liability insurance, or third party. This basic insurance is also compulsory. It covers property damage and bodily injury caused to others in the context of an accident caused by the driver. This formula therefore protects neither the driver nor his car.

Another formula, called the extended third, adds to this basic base additional guarantees, which vary according to the contracts. Some cover you in the event of glass breakage, fire or even theft.

Finally, all-risk insurance is the most complete formula, the one that provides the most extensive guarantees. In fact, these contracts cover you in most situations. Indeed, you will be compensated whether or not you are responsible for the accident or whether or not the third party has been identified.

The insurance also applies regardless of the damage caused to the driver, third parties or vehicles. This is still the case if the vehicle is stolen, victim of vandalism or even a natural disaster.

Additional guarantees

The choice of car insurance can still be influenced by optional guarantees which, added to the chosen insurance formula, further strengthen your level of protection.

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This is how a specific guarantee promises you appropriate assistance in the event of a breakdown. This service, available at all times, generally provides for the towing of the vehicle and the accommodation of the driver and his passengers if necessary. Repatriation and the loan of a replacement vehicle are still offered. A « 0 kilometer » option allows you to be taken care of even at the bottom of your home.

Other warranties may relate to the theft of objects inside the vehicle or offer you legal protection in the event of a dispute.

Compare offers

You will choose the car insurance offer which, for a reasonable price, offers you the guarantees that best meet your needs. The best way to find out is to compare offers from insurers.

Certainly, you can consult them online, where they are often available. In the long run, however, this reading can turn out to be tedious and sometimes complicated. It can also take you hours.

It is therefore better to use an insurance comparator. Some, present on the web, are practical and effective tools. The comparator will, in a way, replace you and do the work for you.

To help him in his task, you give him some details about your profile and the type of insurance you want. In a few moments, the comparator offers you a summary table of the best car insurance policies to meet your specific needs. All you have to do is choose the formula that offers you the best quality/price ratio.

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