Why invest in new housing in Montpellier?

Rental investment has several advantages. It is a way of being able to build up a heritage and repay your credit thanks to the rents collected. Investing in a new home is even more advantageous because it guarantees a certain reliability for several years. It can be interesting to invest in any city in France but Montpellier seems to stand out.

A city that we appreciate for its climate

Montpellier is a first choice city for investing in housing because this metropolis offers an excellent living environment. The sun is present there about 300 days a year. It is therefore the assurance of being able to enjoy the terraces, green spaces and walks in the city center far from the grayness and the rain. This climate will also allow you to enjoy the beautiful beaches located just a few kilometers from the city, accessible by public transport or by car. It will therefore be pleasant for a tenant to live in the city of Montpellier.

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A lively and dynamic city

Montpellier is a student city and therefore a young city. More than half of the population is under 35 years old. This youth is noticeable in the city center with the many bars and terraces. It is a city that will suit people who like to go out and party. The presence of young people has also launched the establishment of businesses and the creation of start-ups. But Montpellier is perfectly suited to families thanks to the various infrastructures that are present throughout the city. The number of inhabitants in the city continues to increase because more and more of them want to join the Surdouée. It is for this reason that many real estate projects are born each year. New construction is increasing to meet the strong demand for housing. Investing in a new home in Montpellier is the guarantee of finding tenants quickly.

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A city where culture reigns

Like most cities, Montpellier is a city that allows you to enjoy a wide variety of leisure activities and a great cultural offer. A dozen museums are located in the city, some of which are accessible free of charge. They host beautiful temporary exhibitions. The city offers a variety of cultural events throughout the year. It is therefore a city where you never get bored. When it comes to recreation, there is choice. In addition to the sea located a few kilometers away and the possibility of practicing nautical activities there, the city is full of sports infrastructures (gymnasiums, sports fields, swimming pools, etc.). Sports activities abound. Also note: the presence of shopping centers, well known to Montpellier residents. One of them allows you to go climbing, day bowling or admire fish.

A pleasant scent of greenery

Even if it is a big city, Montpellier has kept green spaces. Between green spaces, forests, plots dedicated to gardening and parks, nature is very present. The Jardin des Plantes, the square Planchon, the Parc de la Garlande or the Zoological Park, these spaces offer residents a green and healthy city. Montpellier gives pride of place to ecology and seeks to exploit its natural resources as much as possible and is in favor of sustainable development.

Growth in real estate

All these reasons mean that real estate in Montpellier is booming. Students are looking for accommodation, but it can also be interesting to invest in new accommodation to attract lovers of seasonal rentals. Indeed, Montpellier attracts many tourists every year who appreciate having accommodation directly in the city. The price of real estate will continue to climb and it is therefore the ideal time to invest in a new home. Especially since with the various measures put in place (Pinel law, exemption from property tax, etc.), the purchase of new housing is encouraged.

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Investing in new housing in this successful city is a great idea. Many people are looking to settle in this city where life is good, where culture is accessible and where access to work is easier. An owner will therefore have no trouble making the purchase of his home profitable in this multi-faceted city.

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