How to seduce an Aquarius man?

Know the Aquarius man to better seduce him

The native of aquarius sign is the champion of paradoxes that he manages to resolve in a rather surprising way. For example, of a more intellectual than physical nature, he manages to weave a wide network of knowledge from all horizons. This is explained by his ability to constantly question his views and to nourish his deep listening to those around him. Moreover, it is also thanks to his desire not to fall into routine and to be on the lookout for novelty that Aquarius regenerates. Little inclined to outpouring, rather distant, he nevertheless manages to bring out his seductive qualities. However, the Aquarius man turns out to be very sensitive and interprets his emotions as a loss in him of his nature to control himself.

How to seduce an Aquarius man?

It is therefore an access route to succeed in seducing the native man of the sign of Aquarius who can discover himself more tender than appearance. However, in terms of the means to achieve this, it will be more on the level of astonishment that you will have to act. The Aquarius man leaves little room and opportunity for loss of control: pretender, you will have to bet more on a firm and decided posture which surprises. Indeed, the Aquarius man does not support the well-known humdrum of seduction that he can take as the well-known, « kills love » for him. From then on, you will be able to exploit its curious fiber and open to the world and its novelties by showing you dynamic and very awake.

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Avoid certain pitfalls in order to better seduce the Aquarius man

You will thus avoid playing too much on a single painting in order to respond to his rather complex personality, both cerebral and sensitive. Like a hedgehog, the Aquarius man will withdraw quickly if you want to engulf yourself in his little moments of softening because he interprets his moments of outpouring as weakness. Adorned with hardness, you will have to combine the strength of independence and the lightness of your curious allure. It is therefore a matter of finding a life-saving balance between a presence that is too suffocating for him and a distance that is too established, which would not allow the blossoming in him of his decisive moments of sensitivity, of emotions. All the art will consist in understanding to him that his moments of crack at home must be valued as his share of natural tenderness, essential to any relationship.

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