Aries in love: how to seduce and keep them?

The native of Aries is a person who is both courageous and charismatic. He is a character endowed with many assets to succeed in love. In summary, Aries is a real conqueror in terms of seduction, because nothing can escape him. However, in addition to their strong character, Aries does not find their soul mate so easily; the one he could spend the rest of his life with. This is why it is important to know the character of Aries before engaging with him in a romantic relationship. Discover the love affinities of Aries as well as their different codes of conduct in order to better seduce them.

The character of the Aries woman: strong liberated personality

The Aries woman is very enthusiastic in everything she does. Physically, she is a light, elegant, very dynamic woman who adores owning large size jewellery. In social life, she is a fervent supporter of the feminist struggle, because she advocates the emancipation and freedom of women. For this, she does not hesitate to embrace so-called traditional men’s trades.

However, she is a brave, intelligent woman who could do well in medicine, journalism, health, politics, finance and the sport she loves so much.

Moreover, strong in character and frank in her words, she turns out to be an outstanding competitor, who abhors passivity and mediocrity. She therefore needs action, dynamism in her daily activities. To seduce her, you have to show her other horizons and offer her to discover new things.

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The Aries woman in love: a great passion

Although she is strong in character, the Aries woman loves romance; she is passionate about love and life. Beautiful, conquering, hunter and true tactician in love, she does not hesitate to use tricks to charm her man.

In the relationship, the Aries woman goes all out, gives everything until she loses control. This character of blind trust sometimes leads her into a terrible abyss, into suffering, once she feels betrayed by her partner. However, she is a woman who aspires to independence, and who hates the secondary place of housewife.

To build a beautiful romantic relationship, the Aries woman needs to be at the side of a man who is both gentle and caring, vigorous and confident. A man who will be able to appreciate his independence of spirit and his strong personality without being submissive or feeling devalued.

In terms of romantic affinities, the Aries woman will have a beautiful relationship with the Libra man. With the Lion, she will share beautiful moments of understanding thanks to her nobility and her warmth. She will also have a very beautiful love affair with the men of Sagittarius and Gemini because of their freedom of spirit as well as the originality they show. However, stop for Pisces, Taurus, Capricorn and Cancer men whose adventures with the Aries woman could be tumultuous.

Aries in love - How to please an Aries man?
Aries in love – How to please an Aries man?

The character of the Aries man: a man of action in a hurry

Particularly dynamic and enthusiastic, the Aries man is both courageous and strong. He is bossy and self-centered, as his warrior soul is ruled by Mars, the god of war. For this, he does not hesitate to crush his enemies like a jawbone to achieve his goals. Moreover, we can call him a superman, because he loves to prove his power in any case and does not allow himself to be shaken by failure. In addition, the Aries man has a pronounced gift for action and power. He is able to distinguish himself as a lawyer, jurist or doctor, but also by creating his own business.

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In short, the Aries man is a stubborn person who loves to show courage and power to impose his vision. However, he has enough friends he can rely on and fewer enemies he could potentially face.

The Aries man in love: watch out for his outbursts!

A real disaster in love, the adventures of the Aries man often result in failures in relationships. Indeed, his love at first sight is generally accompanied by unexpected breakups and followed by scenes of reconquest. In addition, he loves to charm and seduce women, but once the goal is achieved he hastens to dump them by subscribing.

In love, the Aries man prefers authoritarian women, inaccessible and refined in character. They arouse in him admiration as well as lust. However, despite himself, he would be compatible with the Leo woman, the Gemini women, the active, sporty and intelligent Sagittarius women. The Libra woman seduces him, but tends to hold him in excessive esteem, as do the Aquarius woman whom he tends to find indecisive, and the Pisces woman for whom he expresses an intense desire for lust. However, watch out for friction with Virgo and Scorpio women.

What are the love compatibilities of the Aries sign?

In principle, Aries feels good with people who are familiar to him. He likes frank, cheerful and dynamic people. This is the reason why the Aries woman is compatible with a Leo man, capable of living the same adventures as her, and with whom the sex life ignites.

On the other hand, the scenario is a little different for the Aries man: from time to time, he completely falls for the Pisces woman, because he is charmed by her femininity.

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What are the faults of Aries?

As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries is renowned for its leadership qualities. However, this desire for supremacy can sometimes lead him to pass for a real tyrant to his friends. To correct this defect, try to be diplomatic when you want to impose your vision of things. In addition, your disproportionate frankness in the words can sometimes hurt others unintentionally. So try to nuance them so as not to offend the sensibilities of your loved ones.

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