What is karmic astrology?

What are the principles of karmic astrology?

In astrology, through the study of astrological houses, planets in signs and in houses, and aspects formed between planets, in a personal natal chart, it is possible to know the strengths and weaknesses of one person.
Karmic astrology, in particular, defines the strengths and weaknesses in the fate of personal evolution represented primarily in the lunar nodes, the South and North nodes.

You can get a better insight into your life with karmic astrology. Karma is the law of cause and effect. What you have done in your past life, the way you have lived in your past life, the way you have dealt with people and situations as well as the way you have expressed your personality is what your life is all about. what it is today.

Your circumstances today are the result of your actions and behavior in a past life. Through astrological calculations, you can discover the energy related to your karma.

Karmic astrology is the analysis of your sun sign horoscope that shows you the state of your karma in your current life. Based on the position of the planets and how they transit between them on the day, month and year of your birth, you will be able to uncover your karmic situation.

If you want to understand what lessons you learned in a previous life, what habits you still have from this previous life, and if you want to use your abilities from the past and present to improve your life, then you can use karmic astrology as a guide to self-discovery.

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For karma to have meaning, one must know, or at least believe, in past lives. It is a type of ancient knowledge imparted by spiritual masters who know how to predict a person’s strengths, weaknesses, and fate based on the day, month, and year of their birth.

We are affected by our karma and the result of our birth and the circumstances of life we ​​did not choose has everything to do with the type of life we ​​led in a previous life. The energy that was most apparent around us in the previous life influences our behavior and experiences in this present life. The spiritual progress of an individual is at the center of karmic astrology.

What is karma?

In the analysis of a natal chart according to karmic astrology, karma is not something to atone in the present life for a fault committed in one or more past lives, but it is the tendency to repeat, with variations, the same patterns of behavior that attract the same type of event, until you are able to leave them behind.
Karmic astrology is therefore a map, a help in understanding one’s destiny of personal development and that of those around us.

What are lunar nodes

Lunar nodes are the points in the orbit of the Moon where it crosses the ecliptic, i.e. the apparent course of the Sun around the Earth. All planets have nodes, but in astrology, only those of the Moon are studied.
The southern lunar node describes the sum of the karmic obstacles to overcome in life. The northern lunar node describes the spiritual development towards which one strives, while a correct balance between the two represents dharma, correct behavior, the best possible fulfillment of the soul in everyday life. The evolution of the soul is indeed done through relationships, work and daily life.

Karmic aspects

Other karmic aspects are detectable, always within the framework of a natal chart read from a karmic point of view in the analysis of the position of the Moon and the aspects that it forms with the other planets and the angles of the Moon. theme, in the analysis of the twelfth house, of Saturn and the retrograde planets. We ourselves decided, when we were still disembodied, to incarnate in a certain historical period or in a certain environment to improve different aspects of ourselves.

Our past and our future live in the present

Reincarnation in the traditional sense is not the only way to approach karmic astrology, and we could envision that our « past lives » are all part of the present moment, stacked up in our subconscious and unconscious, creating a basis for them. circumstances in which we live today. After all, regression therapy and looking to past life experiences only brings us closer to the depths of our mind and what lives there. We don’t have the capacity to know whether we lived three centuries ago in the form of a ray of light, or as a medieval witch, but we do know that there is a lot of unexplained things in our mind.

If we try to implement all the techniques that karmic astrology uses to explain our current conditions, things that only happened a few years ago, or maybe even yesterday, on a smaller scale, we can find out that they actually work. We induce our karma every step of the way, every day by doing actions that have certain consequences. If we squeeze several lives into one, we may find that there is a lot to learn from what we know we experienced as children, adolescents, or just yesterday.

The role of houses

In general, houses are extremely important in karmic astrology. Their position and natural order form the basis of our understanding of cause and effect. Every action we do in one of the houses has a direct impact on the consequence of the next life, determined by the previous house. This means that our house of partnership and current relationships (our seventh house) is a direct result of our struggle for life, sexuality, regeneration, and ultimately death in our previous life. This rule can be applied to every house of the zodiac, and through them we actually create future karma, and are able to understand what actions have led us to where we are now.

The evolution of the soul

The main unit of any lesson to be learned is the three lives we have lived. To better understand, imagine that the first life we ​​live is when we decide to take a stand for one side of a certain conflict. In the next one, naturally, we will find ourselves on the opposite side, understanding the motivations, flaws, weaknesses and strengths. It is only once we understand both sides that we can truly understand the happy medium and ways to resolve the conflict. This is what our third life is for. It is about the basic impulse of destiny and how our karma works.

We cannot (and should not) refuse a role given to us. The key is to be as noble as possible and to act with respect and understanding for everyone around us, even our enemy. You have to take both roles, that of the aggressor and that of his victim, and be happy in both, full of wisdom, tolerance and good choices. This will allow us to take the next evolutionary step and truly resolve any ongoing conflicts.

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