Astral projection

What is astral projection?

Astral projection is one of the most misunderstood meditative practices. Many people think that is impossible, that we cannot leave our body and travel elsewhere. Yet this is what we do every night when we dream!

Although terminology and definition vary, astral projection can be summed up as follows: It is the act of allowing your mind to move freely while your body remains in one place. Each night when you are dreaming, your mind travels through different landscapes as your body stays comfortably in your bed at home.

Of course, astral projection can go much further than just dreaming. Some say they were able to send their essence to real places in real time, watch their children from miles away, or visit a museum they have never seen in real life. Whether you believe it or not, astral projection has a long history in many different cultures.

Astral projection through time and culture

The roots of the idea of ​​astral projection go back to ancient Egypt. The Egyptians believed that the ka, the spirit of the body, could come out of the body. This shows that the belief of the mind as an entity separate from the body has a rich history.

In biblical times, several Bible writers wrote about the astral plane as well as a silver cord connecting our mind to our body. Islamic mysticism also believes that Muhammad traveled through the astral planes.

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Eastern philosophies explore astral projection more in depth. Chinese, Japanese, and Indian cultures all have practices that involve out-of-body experiences. While Indian cultures see it as a way to deepen spirituality, the Japanese believe that we can actually leave our body to scare our enemies. They also believe that the mind leaves the body during times of illness for much less harmful purposes.

Astral projection is a sure way to explore a higher level of spirituality, to embark on new journeys, or to simply relax and get away from it all… including your own body. It takes a lot of practice, but once you get it done, you will continue to find new ways to enjoy it.

The stages of astral projection

Step 1: Relax the physical body by visualizing each muscle.
Step 2: From your relaxation space, enter a vibratory state; it should sound like an amplified version of the pulses of a mobile phone’s vibration mode passing through the body.
Step 3: Imagine a rope hanging above you.
Step 4: Using the astral or subtle body, try to hang on to the rope with both hands. The physical body remains completely relaxed.
Step 5: Begin climbing the rope, visualizing reaching for the ceiling above you.
Step 6: Once you are aware of your complete exit from the physical body, you can explore the astral plane.

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