Sagittarius in love: how to know if he is in love?

A Sagittarius who loves is an individual in the impasse between commitment and flight, between responsibility and freedom. He is a jovial person who is guided by optimism and enjoyment of life. So let’s discover the character traits of the Sagittarius in love.

The Sagittarius woman and her character

The sagittarius woman is a rather positive woman who always sees things on the bright side. What’s more, she knows how to transmit her joie de vivre and her dynamism to those around her. That’s why everyone loves his presence. But, contrary to the good humor that she conveys, she hates tackling sometimes delicate questions.

Moreover, on the cultural level, Sagittarius proves to be a great fan of cultural discovery and travel. By the way, she likes to converse with people, discover new people, cities and countries. « Lady Sagittarius » hates the routine life, because she constantly needs to flourish.

On the emotional level, he is a frank person, even too frank, who concretely expresses his convictions. His remarks sometimes offend, but rarely unintentionally.

Willing to do anything to achieve her ambitions, she is able to overcome obstacles with courage. Free and independent, Sagittarius has difficulty supporting the notion of authority and does not always respect the norms. However, she uses common sense thanks to her intelligence and bends when necessary.

Sagittarius woman in love

Having a weakness for an exciting life, the Sagittarius woman is looking for a man who appreciates discovery and adventure. Thus, to fascinate her at least, her man will have to share her taste for travel.

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In matters of love, the Sagittarius woman is generally faithful, she lives the moments of couple with ardor and passion. But, like all women, she can’t stand deception. Out of love, she is willing to brave all the trials and overcome the pitfalls, in order to safeguard her relationship.

Finally, to seduce a Sagittarius woman, it is necessary to be both positive and sympathetic; these are two qualities that she possesses. In addition, his spouse must be honest while introducing him to new experiences. However, if the partner is a homebody or defeatist, he is not likely to conquer her. This does not mean that she is looking for a perfect type of man, but you have to manage to penetrate her perimeter of attention. And, to achieve this, you just have to impress him with humor, travel, to at least hope to catch his eye. She usually falls for those who manage to squeeze a smile out of her. Thus, a funny and mischievous partner will not fail to make her fall in love.

The Sagittarius man and his character

Sagittarius is a generous person, because he loves helping others. Of an idealistic nature, he also has a strong predilection for maintaining tranquility and cohesion around him. He relies heavily on human belief and goodness; this is why he easily places his trust in others.

Frank and free-spirited, the Sagittarius man is a trusted companion and a faithful friend, who agrees to let go and enjoy the present moments.

At the social level, he is a simple and easy-going individual because he is tolerant and easily gets carried away by the charm of life. However, his sick frankness can sometimes offend the sensitivity of those close to him and hurt them. But, on the whole, he is very pleasant and inspires confidence when he really gets down to it.

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Sagittarius man in love

How to conquer a Sagittarius native

Generally, Sagittarians are not afraid to date a partner who is completely different from them, as long as she has a superior education.

However, he values ​​his freedom, and this shows in his choice of partner.

His choice is totally conditioned by his immense need to travel and discover other horizons. Consequently, he will not appreciate an overly intrusive spouse.

However, Sagittarians love to share everything with their spouse, whether it’s pleasure or sorrow. In love, he is cheerful, full of good humor and teasing. He gives his partner confidence, freedom, and constantly tries to make her life easier. On the other hand, once disillusioned with his wife, he soon left his life as a couple to focus on something else.

Conquer the Sagittarius man in love

You can make a Sagittarius man crack by approaching him in a very direct way, since he is happy to converse. Share with him your previous experiences and explicitly show the desire to know more about something. Show him that you are capable of exploring other horizons. Simply awaken his taste for exoticism, then arouse in him the feeling of new experiences to live.

So go up a gear by showing him that he is the object of your curiosity, even of your motivation. Show her that you are a passionate adventurer ready to go. However, still keep a mysterious side to your personality.

The flaws of Sagittarius

Sagittarians are likely to experience cyclothymic depression. This makes them transit from cheerfulness to aggressiveness. They are imbued with prestige, acts of heroism and glory. However, when their desire does not manifest concretely, they become aggressive and nervous. Unfortunately, the chronic anxieties that inhabit you constitute a pendulum that makes you fear the passage of time and the end of your existence.

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Sagittarius in love

In love, Sagittarius is a torrid magnet who knows how to get used to it in bed. However, in terms of feeling experienced, Sagittarius can decrease in intensity, because the man likes the notion of freedom in the couple. Although he is a great lover, he has difficulty getting involved in love. But, when he loves, he gives himself especially.

The Sagittarius woman, on the other hand, will have a love attraction with the Gemini, Cancer and Aries man.

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