Astrological portrait of Gemini ascendant Libra

Gemini ascendant Libra character traits

Native of the ascending Libra sign, Gemini, you move forward in life with freedom and curiosity, you could be compared to a draft, to a butterfly that rediscovers life with each experience. Sparkling, smiling, jovial, dynamic, your company is appreciated. For you, life must be light, smiling, which does not prevent you from questioning yourself and doubting. You can appear versatile, even whimsical, so you disturb those around you who do not always understand your mood swings. Your ascendant will not help you if you « stumble » on a decision, you will rather give up and take another direction. Carried by tenderness, kindness, the ascending Libra Gemini takes life to the fullest and leads those around him in a whirlwind of experiences to live.

Gemini ascendant Libra and love

You like people to stop looking at you, you have charm and ease in society. Your need for freedom often leads you into complicated stories. To find the balance you will have to « find » the rare pearl that will give you freedom.

In a Relationship, communication is very important and you know how to listen to others. Rather talkative, the ascendant Gemini Libra is not always reliable and often lacks sincerity, which sometimes plays tricks on him. It is not uncommon for him to put his friends before his partner, which has the effect of creating tension and conflict. His half is not bored by his side, not liking habits, he multiplies projects and ideas to get out of monotony.

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Gemini ascendant Libra and Labor

Excellent negotiator, you have a good sense of dialogue and communication, showing tact, you smooth out angles during professional conflicts. Your interest in others allows you to gather around you, in fact, you create a circle of relationships or a very complementary team that allows you to rely on them. Pragmatic, you get to the point and avoid wasting time in unnecessary details. Gemini ascendant Libra tends to alternate periods of intense activity and periods of letting go. His opportunist side makes him seize the openings, so his professional career is erratic, he depends more on external circumstances than on his own will.

Gemini Ascendant Libra and Health

You are often prey to fatigue and sudden drops in vitality, your energies are regular but unstable. You are weakened psychologically and physically by a disjointed life. If your recovery is fast, it is not too reliable, you need to lead a healthy and balanced life.

The weak points of Gemini ascendant Libra

Your weak points are the nervous system, lungs, kidneys, shoulders, bladder. You may be prone to bronchitis, pneumonia, breathing problems. You may be plagued by kidney stones, repeated urinary tract infections. Your sensitivity to tension affects your shoulders and you may suffer from blockages or pain.

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