The little things that make you happy, according to your astrological sign

Everyone naturally seeks happiness, to live a healthy and fulfilling life. This quest for happiness can differ from one astrological sign to another. Here are the little things that make you happy, according to your astrological sign.


Aries love to be number 1! They are at their best when they are successful. The harder something, the better for an Aries! Aries are very fond of physical activity to release their fiery energy. With a strong urge to win, Aries are happiest when they set out to conquer their next act of bravery.


Taurus are very happy when they have security, stability, money and luxury in abundance. Taureans also like to be pampered from horn to hoof; or, from head to toe. They melt into the idea of ​​a good meal, a relaxing massage and a large soft bed to sleep. Give them all three and they could follow you to the ends of the earth.


Gemini enjoy communicating, learning new things, and being around people who make them laugh. One of the ways to achieve (and give) happiness for a Gemini is to write, whether that’s sweet words, letters to friends and family, or even a novel. Gemini especially like to write their letters by hand, choose fine stationery, because it allows them to put their personal touch.


Cancers love their homes, families, and good meals, especially if they’ve helped cook them. To achieve gratifying happiness, Cancer likes to follow a few traditional recipes and get down to making comfort food. Cancers know that when a meal is cooked with love, it takes good!

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Leos achieve happiness when they shine like the sun-ruled beings that they are. They like to be adored, admired and to feel confident. Lions have a lot of fun making things and giving generously. Here’s a secret about Lions: They love to nap.


Virgos should take a break from love, work, and problem solving, and relax in sweet serenity. They can find real pleasure in making a bouquet of flowers, while drinking a cup of coffee, then plunging into a bubble bath with a good book.


Libra rejoices that justice is served. They like to be surrounded by harmony, peace and calm. Libras derive joy from all beautiful things. Many adore sweet candies and fine chocolates. But most of all, Libras love to be in love.


Scorpios get immense satisfaction from unraveling mysteries, finding answers, and uncovering the truth. They like to feel powerful and sexy. But Scorpio’s greatest ecstasy is love! Love reigns supreme in her heart, body and soul.


Sagittarius is very happy when he explores, discovers, he is a born philosopher. They have high ideals and a very contagious optimism! It is natural for them to believe and hope that the whole universe is working for the good of all. Sagittarians like it simple, like walking along a mountain path lined with tall trees, under a blue sky, humming a happy tune.


Capricorn enjoys doing a fulfilling job, earning a lot of money, to show its worth, and to feel respected for being diligent in all things. But Capricorns can be very happy to take care of a flower garden, too. They love to feel the earth between their fingers and watch the fruits of their labor grow before their eyes.

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Nothing fills the Aquarian heart more than giving body and soul to a cause, to selflessly help people and animals. Aquarians find real happiness in being a good friend. They like to feel unique because they think outside the usual parameters and use their inner genius to create and inspire others.


Pisces achieve happiness by having fun, singing, dancing, and playing. Pisces also feel very happy when sharing with their loved ones. They are very loving and feel good when they have a strong support system to make them feel secure.

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