Astrological portrait: the Aries ascending Aries

Discover the influence that your ascendant has on your sign, profile, love, work, health.

Aries ascending Aries: character traits

Whole, straightforward, with you, the ascending Aries Aries, this is not half measures. You could say that your character is a palette without nuance. Your functioning, your judgments, it’s all one or all of the other, all black or all white. Your course of action is “straight ahead and all sails out,” with all the inconveniences that may result. Passionate, cheerful, full of humor, impulsive, willingly bellicose, frank, dynamic, always ready to go, your defeats are quickly forgotten.

Aries ascending Aries and love

Few people resist your magnetism. When you, the ascendant Aries Aries, have set your sights on a person, you are ready to do anything to show them your attachment. Subject to love at first sight, your love life is ambivalent and made up of several parts, you need to be admired and respected. You reject blandness in your relationship, you have to vibrate, vibrate like a violin, you are guided by love and passion.

Aries ascending Aries and work


You, the ascending Aries Aries, have a potential, a foolproof energy, it allows you to build more than to polish, you « cut in the rough » not in the manner of Phidias but whatever, you have to move forward. In your work, you are emancipated, you run away from constraints and obligations. Your pragmatism, your realism offer you great possibilities.

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Aries ascending Aries and health

Health for you, the ascendant Aries Aries, what is it? You ignore your ailments and constantly draw on your resources. You rush, you trace, you rush, your energy is unstoppable, so you need to exceed your limits

Some hot spots in Aries ascending Aries

The head is in the ascending Aries Aries his sensitive point, he can be migraine, have sudden excess of fever, vision problems, dizziness. The eyes, teeth and jaw should be watched.

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