Astrological portrait of Scorpio rising Aries

The character traits of Scorpio rising Aries

native of scorpio sign Aries ascendant, you are combative, passionate, overflowing with energy, thirsty for absolutes, which makes you difficult to pin down because you are able to move from one feeling to another very quickly. In your company, those around you are not bored and you put their feelings to the test. Demanding, uncompromising limit towards people who are not part of your relatives or friends. You know how to question yourself when you go too far, which is a rare quality. The Aries rising Scorpio is sensitive, it hides this sensitivity behind a shell to protect itself. His thirst for knowledge is great and he does not hesitate to question himself and enrich his skills.

Scorpio rising Aries and love

You are not easy to live with and your partner will only have a hold on you through gentleness. You are a passionate person who cannot conceive of feelings without strong emotions. This often pushes you to live complex and tortuous stories, marked by conflicts, tensions, jealousies. Your course is rather erratic and unstable. Your love life is made up of multiple adventures and unusual experiences. You can live several aspects with the same person and your relationship can be made of rupture and reconciliations. As a couple, the Scorpio rising ram does not lack ideas and projects to develop his relationship, he does not like boredom and he gives himself the means to break habits. He finds it difficult to show his feelings and if sometimes his communication is violent, he has a great potential for affection and love.

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Scorpio ascending Aries and Labor

Productive, dynamic, you are quick in your actions and tasks. You most often work in a hurry and you are not afraid of heavy and complex situations. Rather adaptable, you know how to overcome setbacks and unforeseen events. You’re a « hard worker » and it’s not uncommon for you to put your job first. Needing passion, you cannot imagine your daily life without action. Always frank, the Aries ascendant Scorpio does nothing in the lace, clear in the negotiations that he leads with mastery. His professional career is atypical and inconsistent, he evolves by instinct.

Scorpio Aries rising and health

You are overflowing with energy and your power of action is impressive, nothing can stop you. You can devote a boundless passion to suffering, death or disease.

The weak points of the Aries rising Scorpio

Your weak points are the head, the brain, the eyes, the nose, the vital organs, the colon. So you can suffer from regular headaches, neuralgia, bleeding. Beware of excesses of all kinds that can trigger aneurysms and other brain problems in you. You are regularly prone to contractures. Watch out for strains, tendonitis, hormonal imbalances.

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