Astrological sign in April: Decans and dates

The month of February has 2 astrological signs: Aries and the Bull.

Discover which sign of the zodiac and which decan match your date of birth.

Aries second decan: March 31 – April 9

The second decan of Aries, Leo, is a very noble individual whose principles, goals and ambitions remain intact in the most difficult circumstances. They are focused on a single idea, but can keep an overview. Ego can be a problem with these people.

Heat, passion and energy characterize the Aries of the second decan. In the very literal sense of the word, they shine above all else. These natives like their life to be perfectly balanced at all times. They also make excellent leaders.

Aries of the third decan: April 10 – 20

The third decan of Aries, Sagittarius, is a bold and cheeky decan, which is more restless. Here we have the intellectual enthusiast, and individualism is very strong – these people will do a lot to avoid becoming a victim of the herd mentality. They are very independent and never completely succumb to the demands of their partner.

Jupiter’s expansive qualities pair with Aries to give it a broad or lofty outlook and a love of ambitious thoughts. Aries 3rd decan resents constraint and appreciates his personal rights.

Taurus of the first decan: April 21 – 30

The first decan of Taurus, influenced by Venus, produces a very determined, sensual and stable person. This person is a peacemaker and a lover, but is very unlikely to be flexible to the values ​​and ideas of others. She excels in all areas that she can really make her own, but she has a hard time adapting and won’t easily find new, fast ways to learn. These people are incredibly dynamic in their daily lives and attract a lot of attention wherever they go. The things they are interested in bring out their passionate side in the world.

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April astrological calendar: signs and decans

Date Astrological sign Decan
April 1st Ram 2nd decan
April 2 Ram 2nd decan
April 3 Ram 2nd decan
April 4 Ram 2nd decan
April 5 Ram 2nd decan
April 6 Ram 2nd decan
April 7 Ram 2nd decan
April 8 Ram 2nd decan
April 9 Ram 2nd decan
April 10 Ram 3rd decan
April 11 Ram 3rd decan
April 12 Ram 3rd decan
April 13 Ram 3rd decan
April 14 Ram 3rd decan
April 15 Ram 3rd decan
April 16 Ram 3rd decan
April 17 Ram 3rd decan
April 18 Ram 3rd decan
April 19 Ram 3rd decan
April 20 Ram 3rd decan
April 21th Bull 1st decan
April 22 Bull 1st decan
April 23 Bull 1st decan
April 24 Bull 1st decan
April 25 Bull 1st decan
April 26 Bull 1st decan
April 27 Bull 1st decan
April 28 Bull 1st decan
April 29 Bull 1st decan
April 30 Bull

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