Astrological sign in March: Decans and dates

The month of March has 2 astrological signs: the Pisces and the Ram

Discover which sign of the zodiac and which decan match your date of birth.

Pisces of the second decan: March 1 – 10

The second decan of Pisces, Cancer, is the most careful Pisces decans. These fish have need for security both financially and spiritually and tend to worry too much about everything. They are also one of the most sweet and most loyal of the zodiac, sacrificing themselves for their loved ones without even thinking about what they are doing. However, they can also become complaining, hypochondriac, and generally overly sensitive individuals.

Wealth, love, friends, fame and more will be theirs if they take a few moments to focus on what’s really important.

Pisces of the third decan: March 11 – 20

Pisces of the third decan can have their heads full of bizarre ideas, but they somehow manage to rationalize and sublimate them. They are very spiritual and poetic. These fish are often paradoxical, and typically more jealous than other Pisces. The Pisces of the third decan are very receptive and sensitive, but perhaps less than the other decans.

The natives of this last decan are the strongest of the Pisces, but they are less sensitive, but at the end of the day, they are still good dreamers and whimsical people. Plus, they’re romantic at heart. Although they believe in ethics and morality, they can lead to envy and unethical addiction.

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Aries of the first decan: March 21 – 31

The first decan of Aries influenced by Mars is above all the decan of the pioneers and energetic. Very often, these people are characterized by a childlike innocence quite endearing, and they have a real ability to enthuse those around them. They want to live fully, whether in danger and adventure or through more introspective exploration. Always with lots ofenthusiasm.

Once the first decan Aries has decided on something, it is almost impossible to change his mind. For the things they have in mind, they are very proactive and determined to achieve their goals. In this regard, they are simply relentless, never tired.

Astrological calendar for March: signs and decans

Date Astrological sign Decan
1st of March Pisces 2nd decan
March 2 Pisces 2nd decan
3rd of March Pisces 2nd decan
March 4 Pisces 2nd decan
March 5 Pisces 2nd decan
March 6 Pisces 2nd decan
March 7 Pisces 2nd decan
8 March Pisces 2nd decan
March 9 Pisces 2nd decan
March 10 Pisces 3rd decan
March 11 Pisces 3rd decan
12th of March Pisces 3rd decan
March 13 Pisces 3rd decan
March 14 Pisces 3rd decan
March 15 Pisces 3rd decan
March 16 Pisces 3rd decan
March 17 Pisces 3rd decan
March 18 Pisces 3rd decan
March 19 Pisces 1st decan
March 20 Pisces 1st decan
March 21st Ram 1st decan
March 22 Ram 1st decan
March 23 Ram 1st decan
March 24 Ram 1st decan
March 25 Ram 1st decan
March 26 Ram 1st decan
March 27 Ram 1st decan
March 28 Ram 1st decan
March 29 Ram 1st decan
March 30 Ram 1st decan
March, 31st Ram 1st decan
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