Tiger’s eye: properties and virtues in lithotherapy

The properties and virtues of tiger eye

It is in South Africa and Thailand that we find the most tiger eye. It can also be mined in Namibia, United States, Canada, Western Australia, Spain, Brazil, China, Myanmar, and India. This stone is visually reminiscent of a tiger’s eye, hence its name. Tiger’s eye has shades ranging from yellow to brown and its color varies according to the light. This stone is composed of quartz, hematite and amphibole.

Tiger’s eye has always been considered a mysterious and powerful talisman. It is a stone that amplifies and stimulates the energies of any quartz, crystal or stone. It allows you to find balance and harmony in your life. Tiger’s eye is also beneficial for freeing you from your fears and anxieties. It is the stone that can give you courage, strength of spirit and confidence to overcome all the trials of life. Tiger’s eye also has healing properties.

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Using Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s eye helps achieve your goals by increasing concentration, creativity and self-esteem. This stone is traditionally used as an amulet of protection against the evil eye or black magic. It is also beneficial during empathy problems. Thus, the tiger’s eye is a kind of shield that protects against negative energies. It stimulates the will and allows access to inner serenity. Also, Tiger’s Eye reduces stress and makes us more optimistic. By bringing confidence, this stone improves social relationships and helps regulate emotions to get out of our blockages. Tiger’s eye can also help you use your psychic gifts in a more practical way and heal certain ailments.

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In addition to amplifying the energies of other stones it comes into contact with, Tiger’s Eye has healing properties. It strengthens the metabolism, regenerates the tissues, reduces fatigue. It is also effective for joint problems in the legs, it improves digestion, reduces blood pressure and facilitates breathing. Tiger’s eye can also be used for eyesight problems and sinus congestion. This stone is beneficial for mental health issues or personality disorders. Indeed, it helps to resolve mental conflicts by integrating energies in the brain and allowing us to think more clearly.

Tiger’s Eye is the stone for you if you are looking to create more opportunities for growth or expansion. It can bring abundance and prosperity to your life. Tiger’s eye will bring you luck by amplifying the energies you give to your activities. It will work to strengthen your will and your intention to succeed.

To take advantage of the benefits of tiger’s eye, you can carry it on your person or have it at the entrance of the house. Like all quartz, this stone must be recharged

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