Astrology forecast for May 2021

May is one of the most pivotal months of 2021. It brings an ultra-powerful and rare lunar eclipse, the opening of the Pleiades portal, and the passage of Jupiter into Pisces for the first time in 12 years.

All of this energy made May a potentially difficult month, but it should be remembered that all challenges come with their rewards.

Eclipses can often be intense and lead to sudden endings or disruption in our lives. They can also arouse emotions and make us very sensitive.

We haven’t experienced a Blood Moon Eclipse since 2019, so it’s likely that we feel this energy strongly. This eclipse is also linked to a cycle we have been working with since early 2020.

While Eclipses can be powerful, they help us level up and move forward on our path. Anything we give up, no matter how difficult, is always a catalyst for our soul’s growth.

Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, is moving into Pisces this month, which is also a huge change.

Jupiter represents abundance, expanding our gifts and talents. In fact, if you are Pisces, it is considered a very lucky omen! If you are a water sign, you will also benefit from this energy.

To guide you through the energies of the month, here are the things to consider.

May 3 Mercury enters Gemini

Mercury enters its dominant sign of Gemini. It is a harmonious energy because Mercury likes to be in Gemini. Communication should take place effortlessly. Mercury retrogrades later in the month, so it’s best to move on now on any new projects you want to start or any tough conversations that need to be had.

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May 5, 555 day

2021 is a 5 year in numerology, which makes the 5th day of the 5th month extra special! 555 is a magical numerology code and an angelic number that represents creativity and the pursuit of your joy. 555 is also a sign of change and that your life is preparing to take it to that next level. Use the energies of this day to enhance your creativity and to welcome any new inspiration or change.

May 8 – Venus enters Gemini

Venus leaves its dominant sign, Taurus, to enter the air sign of Gemini. Communication should be fostered here, and maybe we will feel more sociable and talkative than usual. Use this energy to reconnect with old friends.

May 11 – New moon in Taurus

The Taurus new moon brings powerful energies and prepares us for the season of eclipses. The energy of this New Moon is a great time to step back and take care of our inner well-being.

May 13 – Jupiter enters Pisces

Jupiter will enter Pisces until July 28. Jupiter in Pisces brings new energy to work with and can activate and intensify our intuition and imagination. Jupiter in Pisces is known to draw our attention to mysticism and magic. On a personal level, we may also find ourselves revisiting or improving on the lessons we learned in 2010. Jupiter will return to Pisces in December, where it will remain for most of 2022.

May 14 – Mercury enters the shadows

Starting May 14, Mercury will begin to slow down as it prepares to go into retrograde at the end of the month. Some people feel the effects of Mercury retrograde most strongly. But remember, with Mercury retrograde, there is nothing to fear! It’s actually a great time to go back and think things through before moving forward. Take this time to slow down and to think carefully about your actions and the next steps to move forward.

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May 17-22 Pleiades portal

The Sun aligns with the Pleiades, a cluster of seven stars believed to harbor very advanced stellar beings. The wisdom and knowledge of the Pleiades can radiate into our consciousness at this time with greater ease.

May 20 – The sun enters Gemini

The Gemini season begins with the sun entering the sign of Gemini. Gemini is ruled by the air element, which makes it a great time to convey our thoughts and ideas on paper and to the world. It is also a season that promotes communication, self-expression and sharpening our mind. Spiritually, this is also a good time to check your thoughts and make sure they are aligned with expanding rather than limiting.

May 23 – Retrograde Saturn

Saturn goes into retrograde, giving us a total of two main planets in retrograde. As this is Saturn’s first retrograde since the Great Conjunction in December 2020, it will definitely be one to watch.

May 26 – Blood Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius

One of the most significant cosmic events of May, if not of the whole year! The Moon will take on a bloody color as we experience a total lunar eclipse. This is a very strong energy that indicates changes are taking place. Something may suddenly leave our lives, or we may receive important news. Blood Moon Eclipses are also powerful portals that allow us to quantum leaps to higher states of consciousness. While they can bring heavy energy and maybe even jarring news, it all serves to help the evolution of our soul’s journey.

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May 29 – Mercury retrograde

Mercury enters retrograde, giving us a total of three main planets in retrograde (Pluto, Saturn, Mercury). With the recent energies of the eclipse, now is the time to slow down, step back and focus only on the things that are within our control.

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