How to keep an Aquarius man?

Know the personality of the Aquarius man to better keep it

The native of aquarius sign is notably illustrated by its ability to project itself into the future, always being one step ahead without ever dwelling on the past or tearing up the present moment. Rather visionary than outdated, the Aquarius man cannot content himself with living from experience and from day to day: his nature constantly pushes him to imagine the next day and plan his next actions. Moreover, the Aquarius man is a very open thinker who cannot accept intellectual compartmentalization or postures and rigid judgments. It’s one of the reasons why he befriends a wide variety of people. However, despite this human richness that he knows how to attract, the Aquarius man can sometimes leave these friends on their own because of his tendency to be more reflective than warm.

How to keep an Aquarius man?

It is obviously this posture that must be avoided in love in order to prevent any deterioration in the relationship. In the immediate future, if you want to keep your man born under the sign of Aquarius, it will be a question of repeating your surprising and disconcerting actions regularly in order to play on his emotional fiber: disconnected from his penchant for intellection by your surprises, he proves to be more sensitive in its moments there. Indeed, this aversion to any installation in any routine can be reduced to nothing in this way; in addition, don’t hesitate to use your power of seduction by knowing how to go from a tidy woman to a more elusive and seductive mistress. It is also advisable to be able at times to be like his friend in whom he can confide differently.

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Avoid certain pitfalls to better keep the Aquarius man

This capacity that you will be able to develop, namely to be able to alternate between three attitudes, that of woman, mistress or friend, will be able to facilitate the hatching of his latent sensitivity. Because, if we analyze the character of the native of the sign of Aquarius, we realize that his tendency to take refuge in thought to the detriment of feelings is indeed a posture allowing him not to be sensitive. Indeed, he believes that showing tenderness or letting himself go would be faint, losing control of himself. This erratic conviction induces on your part to be able to avoid this pitfall nourishes his paradoxical personality: leave him his moments of reflexive withdrawals and know how to astonish him regularly.

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