Gemini season 2021

The Gemini season 2021 begins today and brings three retrogrades, a lunar eclipse, a solar eclipse, and the second of three Saturn Uranus squares.

All of this cosmic energy makes the Gemini season a time of change, growth, renewal, and reflection.

Gemini is represented by Twins. One twin is mortal and the other is immortal, and it’s this dual perspective that we can all tap into during Gemini season. We can keep our mind focused on the here and now and the daily life we ​​lead, but we can also allow our minds to expand into higher realms and tap into wisdom that is not from this. world.

The energy of the eclipse offered to us throughout the season also serves as a bridge, guiding us from one state of consciousness to another.

There is no doubt that the Gemini season could offer opportunities for spiritual growth and leveling our soul mission. Stay closely connected to your inner world, for it will certainly serve as a guide for you.

Here are the important dates of the Gemini season.

May 20 – The sun enters the portal of Gemini and Pleiades

The Sun enters Gemini on May 20 and 21 (depending on your time zone), which also coincides with the top of the Pleiades Portal.

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May 23 – Retrograde Saturn

Saturn is entering its annual retrograde, encouraging us to revisit events since September 2020 and reflect on the decisions we’ve made and what we need to take responsibility for. Saturn retrograde is often a time of patience and taking charge of our actions. If you have things to resolve, be patient as you may find that retrograde Saturn helps bring more information to the surface.

May 26 – Full Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius

It’s both a Super Moon and a Total Lunar Eclipse, which makes it quite rare and very powerful. Super Moons indicate that the Moon is closer than usual to the Earth, which means that its energetic effects are stronger. Whenever we have a total lunar eclipse, the Moon develops a reddish tint, which is why it is called the Blood Moon. Total lunar eclipses are a time of great change and transformation. We may feel that we are going through a symbolic process of death and rebirth or we may experience sudden changes to which we must adapt and grow. As this eclipse falls in Sagittarius, we may find new wisdom and secrets may come to the surface, causing us to evolve or change our approach. While this eclipse energy can be intense and certainly stirs our deepest and darkest emotions, a gentle, supportive energy is flowing into it as well.

May 29 – Mercury retrograde

Gemini’s ruling planet, Mercury, is entering its second retrograde of the year. Now is the time to take a break. Use this break time to reflect, and pick up on forgotten projects.

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June 2 Venus in Cancer

Venus enters the sign of Cancer. With this setup, we are more sensitive and connected to our true feelings, which can be our inner compass. Do your best to follow the feelings that support you the most!

June 10 – Solar eclipse of the new moon in Gemini

Eclipses usually come in pairs, so this is the second and final eclipse of the season. This eclipse opens the door to a new high state of consciousness. We may not yet be able to make sense of things, but we know that new opportunities are emerging. Now is the time to truly become a master of our mind and move on to expansive and abundant thinking rather than limited or fear-based thinking. The power of the mind is the key!

June 11 – Mars in Leo

Mars enters the sign of Leo. Mars loves being in this fire sign and will instill a passion for romance, fun and adventure! It is a very creative and very active energy. We can tap into some of that energy from Mars to receive a motivational boost.

June 14 – Square Saturn Uranus

The Saturn – Uranus square is a major astrological energy that we work with throughout the year. The first of those squares happened on February 17th, and now we have the second, but this time Saturn is in retrograde. It can change energy expression and guide us to be more thoughtful and patient rather than active.

June 20 – Jupiter retrograde

Just before the Sun prepares to leave Gemini for Cancer, the largest planet in our solar system goes into retrograde. This gives us a total of four main retrograde planets including Mercury, Saturn, and Pluto.

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June 20/21 – June Solstice

Gemini season draws to a close as the sun enters the sign of Cancer. It is also the June solstice, which brings the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere and the shortest day of the year in the southern hemisphere. The Solstice is a sacred time when the veil between dimensions is thin and the energy lines of the Earth are more active.

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