Astrological portrait of the ascending Leo Libra

Libra ascendant Leo character traits

Epicurean, lover of beautiful things, an art of living, an art of being, everything is natural with you, eloquence, elegance, refinement, with an aesthetic sense and a certain taste. You prioritize your personal life rather than your professional life without neglecting it. There is no arrogance in you, you say, you have no trouble opening yourself up to the outside world and meeting interesting and colorful people, you are pleasant to be around. You claim harmony, despite a strong personality, you know how to show tact and diplomacy. Friends are central to you. The Ascendant Libra Leo is a talented person, he has a certain artistic streak, with all these qualities he nevertheless has high self-esteem.

The ascendant Leo balances and love

The fact of not feeling loved upsets the ascending Leo Libra, he needs compliments and flattery to boost his ego. Staying alone is inconceivable for him, he does not see celibacy very well, even if he tends to be independent. His sentimental life is complicated, tormented, he has loved all his partners and he has invested in all his relationships.
As a couple, he is creative, communicative, it is very important for him, it brings him balance and harmony. To preserve his relationship he is ready to make many concessions even if he is frank and honest.

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The ascendant Leo balances and Labor

Perfectionism, speed, inventiveness, creativity, you are never short of ideas to change your projects and your situation. However, you don’t like to go into things in depth, you prefer to « skim over » certain points which may interest you. Flexible, efficient, you quickly overcome changes and unforeseen events. You know how to convince, even under your gentle appearance, you have no trouble conveying your ideas and projects. The forbidding work repels the ascending virgin Leo which encourages him to diversify his field of activity and even sometimes to disperse. His diplomatic side means that his relations with his superiors and collaborators are good and lasting.

The Ascendant Leo Libra and Health

You have a double rhythm of life, you can go from periods of intense activity to moments of passivity, even melancholy. You have good action potential even though your energies are not secure and stable.

Some weak points to watch out for in the ascending Leo Libra

Your weak points are your nervous and recovery system, heart, urinary system. You may suffer from kidney stones, urinary tract infections. Beware of stress, overwork, tension, they can have repercussions on your body and create sleep and eating disorders. You must take care of your hygiene of life so as not to disturb your general balance.

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