Astrological portrait of the Ascendant Gemini Aries

Discover the influence that your ascendant has on your sign, profile, love, work, health.

RAMCharacter traits of the Gemini ascendant Aries.

Charming, seductive, a glance, an unfailing humor, a lively and sharp mind, easy criticism, sacred character that you are !!! We could say « colorful », you do not go unnoticed, to say the least. The Gemini ascendant Aries likes to play with words, even with anything that “falls” into their hands. A bit immature, that does not prevent you from having a certain lucidity about people, events, things. You are not the type of person who gets stuck in a relationship, be it friendly or romantic. The impetuous that you are, so that with you it is necessary that things move, that you change your air so as not to be bored. You have to face the facts, you have a delicious leprechaun side that does not lack grace or elegance.

Aries ascendant Gemini in love

Like a real butterfly, you forage, life is a field of flowers for you, you go from discovery to discovery to find your balance. Independent, dissatisfied, the ascendant Gemini Aries is a true heart of artichoke. You advocate cohabitation, every man for himself, cohabitation. As a couple, you need your union to be dynamic and enriching, otherwise you are going on adventures to overcome the monotony. Your weak point, a rather changeable mood, your strong point, creative with a strong will to live.

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Gemini ascendant Aries and Labor

Efficient, intelligent, good collaborator, you are steeped in talent and you evolve according to your many projects. Even if you are a self-employed person, contacts are essential for your development. Bonds are not your « cup of tea », you have a hard time bending to a hierarchy. Your perpetual search for passions and your irregularity on the other hand can lead you to change jobs often, to appear unstable and to be eternally dissatisfied.

Gemini ascendant Aries and Health

Your rhythm, your energy are inconstant and unstable, dynamic, lively, you cannot conceive of remaining inactive, with you it is always “full”, maybe because of the fear of boredom. You constantly overestimate yourself, as a result, you quickly reach your limits.

Some weak points to watch out for in Gemini ascendant Aries

Beware of headaches, attacks of neuralgia. In great stress that you are, you can suffer from asthma, spasmophilia, you are sensitive to drafts as well as various respiratory ailments.

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