Leo in love: how to please a native of Leo?

Are you in love with a native of the Leo sign? Find out how it behaves the Leo in love. Fifth sign of the zodiac guided by the strength of the sun and fire, Leo is a person who dazzles with his charisma, his warmth, his rigor and his vitality. To better understand its complex nature, it is identified with the diamond, a precious stone that is both sparkling and rigid. Leos or Leos are very proud people, imbued with their personality and often narcissistic. Confident in their choice, assertive and courageous, the Lions do not fail to be the center of attention during parties or events. But, they are loyal, idealistic, talented people who love to be admired.

The Leo woman: what a star soul!

The Leo woman seduces and shines! he’s a born star who loves to be in the spotlight. Often endowed with a sumptuous body, she is lovely and loves branded products as well as high-end jewelry.

She is a woman who is at once eccentric, talented and whimsical, which is why she constantly seeks admiration, honors and the distinctions that emanate from all professions. However, she can still be particularly qualified for the exercise of certain professions such as medicine, cinema or research.

Moreover, if it is true that she arouses admiration from those close to her, the Leo woman can however be confronted with jealousy and hatred. The Leo woman, it must be emphasized, is vigorous and intelligent, rather egocentric, but also extremely generous and loyal. In addition, she is able to fight for noble and just causes.

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The Leo woman in love: passion and commitment, or nothing

The Leo woman stokes the flame of seduction and attraction, which is why she is the subject of many conquests by men. She is also a provocative woman who adores the game of love, flirtation and seduction. But, his great need is above all to make himself desired by men. Autonomous and independent by nature, she will hate flattery that is too spectacular, just like jealous and possessive men. However, the less a man resists her charm, the more he arouses her interest.

Once seduced, the Leo woman is curiously loyal and faithful. In the family, she is defined as a very maternal woman who aspires to the well-being of her children. But, in her life as a couple, she needs to feel in an extraordinary, dynamic, warm world and a constantly boiling love.

In terms of love compatibility, the Leo woman will feel happiest with the Aquarius man, whose loyalty is one of the qualities that the latter shares. She can also undertake a perfect romantic relationship with Aries, Sagittarians and Libras as well. However, a relationship between her and a Scorpio could cause friction within the household.

The lion in love - pleasing a native of Leo
Leo in love – pleasing a Leo native

The Leo man: a big heart and many ideals

The Leo man has many qualities. He is a person who always presents a very upright posture, a powerful body, a balanced silhouette and a face marked by an assertive character. He is demanding, gallant, optimistic and attaches importance to his professional success.

As preferred professions, the Lion can practice as a banker, trader, manager, political scientist or even an advertiser. He can therefore brew trades that will distinguish him from the others.

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In addition, very determined and frank, he shows boldness and an unshakeable will to achieve himself. However, he finds it difficult to perceive pettiness and to defend himself against any form of malice. Indeed, his authoritarian leadership without tyranny serves as a weapon and a shield to support his ideals in order to achieve his goals.

Despite appearances, the Leo man is very nice and sometimes positions himself on the front line to protect the weakest. However, in terms of sensitivity, he remains indifferent even to women, because he unfortunately does not know how to do it too much.

The Leo man in love: a great romantic with undeniable charm

Captivated by his physical appearance, the Leo man is a charmer by nature. He is a person who loves to please others by being the center of attention. He does not tolerate jealousy on the part of his partner but often he can be possessive towards the latter. In love, the Leo man can be romantic, because he is looking for the woman of his dreams; the beautiful, lovable and kind one who could be mother, partner and best friend all at the same time.

However, he is generally not good at couple communication, which is why it will be necessary to get to know him and to guess him specially. However, once under the spell of love, he becomes all-changing like a person bewitched by passion.

In married life, he likes to lead the relationship with a pinch of macho man, although he cares about his beloved.

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Leo sign love compatibility

Leos are constantly looking for a spouse who admires and values ​​them; indeed, he hates being in the shadows, he wants to be in the spotlight. With this very distinctive character, the Leo woman seems less of an ideal partner for him. On the other hand, his ideal partner would be a native of Aries because they all come from the sign of fire. Moreover, their carnal complicity would be total and they would know how to motivate each other mutually to progress in their projects. Nevertheless, he can live a delicious adventure with a Gemini woman or a Libra.

What are Leo’s faults?

Although the Leo is generally seductive, he loves to be the object of flattery and covetousness. He can also be very haughty and arrogant at times. Bossy and unwilling to communicate, he often hates having his leadership challenged. This is why he is not afraid of anything and confronts everyone to defend his objectives. Nevertheless, a minimum of restraint could avoid him conflicts and heavy consequences.

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