Virgo Decans: Dates and Differences

Virgo 1st decan: August 23 to September 2

Mercury rules the person born in this decan and makes them versatile, inventive and malleable. You are disciplined, trustworthy and generous. You tend to be very methodical, disciplined, and orderly in specific areas of your life, while you can be incredibly messy and messy in other areas. You work hard to achieve the desired goals. However, you have a very disciplined, analytical and logical mind. With this, you perform better in careers that require dedication, attention to detail, and practicality. You always strive for excellence in everything you do. Also, you spend countless hours checking, modifying and editing until perfection is achieved.

You are extremely loyal, reliable and faithful to your partner. You are generous, attentive and considerate towards the people who are dear and close to you. You are naturally creative and seem to have a good command of most areas of communication. You have an amazing ability to negotiate to get out of difficult situations. You rarely struggle to find the right words to say exactly what you want without offending anyone. You also know how to handle sarcasm with ease. You are eager for knowledge and always ready to learn more.

Virgo 2nd decan: September 3 to 12

Saturn rules the person born in this decan and makes them sensitive, sympathetic and caring. You possess brilliant organizational skills, strong will and tact. You have a natural ability to organize things systematically, even in the most chaotic situations. You are imperturbable and disciplined. You are a perfectionist and won’t stop until you get the job done. You have excellent organizational and leadership skills and can lead and guide others very well through motivation, delegation and assertiveness. You don’t accept things that aren’t perfect. You also expect and demand the same level of perfection in others. You are totally dedicated to your commitments and responsibilities. Also, you have the mental stamina to overcome discomfort and achieve your highest goals. You are ready to do much more than work hard to obtain material wealth and professional success.

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Virgo 3rd decan: September 13 to 22

Venus rules the person born in this decan and makes them warm, generous, loving and shy. You have a reserved nature, an artistic sense and a sensitivity. In addition, you are stable, solid and jovial. You are the embodiment of optimistic thinking, mental and intellectual stability, and positivity. You show determination and willpower. You also show a greater dose of perseverance. You have a great fighter mentality. Once you have visualized a good cause, you mobilize all your energy to carry it out. Nothing seems too difficult or complicated when you are determined to do something. You don’t like to lie, exaggerate or spread rumors. You demand absolute loyalty, truthfulness and honesty from your loved ones.

You are drawn to the finer things in life. Nothing makes you happier than seeing others smile because of you. You may be unhappy living under restrictions. However, you are attracted to creative pursuits where you are free to be your own master. You have a natural talent for facing and overcoming obstacles in all aspects of life.

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