Libra celebrities

People born between September 22 and October 23 are of the astrological sign of Libra.

People born under this zodiac sign tend to be social, charming, and creative.

Like Libra, which symbolizes them, they are very focused on balance, justice and harmony. They crave peace, connection and intimacy. Libras are excellent negotiators and artists.

Ruled by Venus, the planet of relationships and beauty, this zodiac sign is also one of marriage, commitments, and partnership.

Here is our list of Libra celebrities!

Will Smith

This star was born on September 25. One of the biggest celebrities in the world for decades, Will Smith has found a way to always stay in the limelight. Married to the poignant Jada Pinkett Smith, they both share a cosmic connection.

Catherine Zeta Jones

The actress was born on September 25. Known for her beauty and talent, Catherine Zeta Jones has taken on many iconic roles. Able to captivate audiences with ease, her power is enchanting.

Serena Williams

The star athlete was born on September 26. One of the most successful athletes in the world, Serena Williams has risen to the pinnacle of celebrity status. While her final bow was in 2022, her tennis show was one of the most-watched in ESPN history.

Gwyneth Paltrow

The star was born on September 27. Gwyneth Paltrow has always been passionate about building her own empire that supports the interests she holds dear.

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April Lavigne

The icon was born on September 27. Pop star, Avril Lavigne appeared on stage like fireworks. Her songs helped her to build herself and allowed her to remain present in the media.

Hilary Duff

Born on September 28, as a child star, Hilary Duff grew up in the public eye. Yet his nature has always provided him with the necessary balance to continue to evolve while giving priority to his true needs.

Gwen Stefani

Singer and media personality, Gwen Stefani set fire to the powder as soon as she appeared on the pop rock scene. Its characteristic style is also one of its easily recognizable trademarks.

Bruno Mars

The music giant Bruno Mars has a crazy talent! He has never ceased to amaze audiences around the world with his catchy songs and entertaining performances. He has also had many notable collaborations over the years.


Eminem, the god of rap, has been in power since he emerged in the late 1990s. He has shown he has incredible depth and an ability to evolve over the years.

Kim Karsashian

Kim Kardashian, one of the most famous people in the world, has shown how she has always aspired to evolve. The star has not only conquered television, but has gone into law. She even started a new private equity firm.

Matt Damon

Famous actor Matt Damon has been steadily building his career since his launch at the top of Hollywood. Her relationship with collaborator Ben Affleck has resulted in some incredible works.

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