Palmistry: what your palm line reveals for marriage

Location and meaning of the marriage line

Marriage line (also relationship line or affection line) mainly reflects the situation of your marital life, love relationship, as well as your attitude towards love. It is located under the base of the little finger just above the line of the heart. The number of marriage lines differs from person to person. Some people have only one line and others may have several. Some may also find that there is no marriage line for them. The longest line is usually used as the basis for interpretation.

The length, shape, forks, chains and line number reveal different meanings for your married life. Follow the analysis below to find out what your marriage line represents in palmistry. Be aware that the line usually changes with experience.

Wedding line length

A long straight marriage line indicates deep and lasting love. It shows that you are passionate, sweet and generally have a happy family. If you only have one marriage line which is deep and long, close to the line of the sun, it shows that you can not only enjoy a happy marriage, but also achieve great career success after marriage. marriage.

If your marriage line is short, it indicates little passion. If the line is shallow, you generally lack patience in love and find it difficult to fall deeply in love.

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The curves of the marriage line

If your marriage line goes down at the end, that’s not a good sign. It indicates marriage crises and personality conflicts with your partner. Thus, a separation or a divorce can occur.

If the line bends upwards at the end, it indicates constant love and a sedentary married life. You are generally carefree and will be able to lead a rich life with your partner. Also, you might coordinate well in order to enjoy a happy marriage. The higher your marriage line, the happier you are.

The forks of the marriage line

If the marriage line is forked at the beginning with a “Y” shape, it is not a good sign. It indicates separation or divorce. If the fork is not large, the situation is not so bad because it means temporary separation. So, to some extent, it also means a new union after separation.

If the line has split ends, it indicates marriage crises and separation. You could spend your whole life in confusion.

Breaks in the marriage line

A broken marriage line shows quarrels with your partner. The longer the breakout, the more serious the situation. If the breakout is short, you will have a chance to win your other half back.

Number of marriage lines

No marriage line
If you have no marriage line, it means you have no desire to love. You are not interested or attracted to the opposite sex. You usually don’t pay much attention to marriage. Instead, you like to focus more on your hobbies or career. If you are under 20, you may not have a marriage line. As we age, the marriage line may appear. If you’re already married and don’t have a line, more often than not, you’re not interested in your partner.

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One line of marriage
If you only have one clear marriage line, you could find the perfect love and live a happy life with your lifelong partner. If the line is long with no excess lines, this indicates a strong and lasting marriage.

Two lines of marriage

● If you have two parallel marriage lines of the same length, it indicates a tortuous marriage. Also, people who separate from their partner for a long time and reunite usually have this type of marriage line.
● If the two lines are parallel with different lengths, you easily fall into love triangle situations.
● If the two lines (one short and the other long) are not parallel, it indicates a divorce or separation.

Three lines of marriage

Three marriage lines mean mixed emotions. If you have three lines of marriage, you may have a bad outlook on life. You are generally talented, romantic and passionate about the opposite sex.

Four lines of marriage
If you have four long and thin wedding lines, it shows that you have a romantic character. You are generally not satisfied with an uneventful life. So you are prone to having many love affairs.

If there are more than six marriage lines and none can be considered major, it shows a complex marital life. You generally have a strong demand for love and great pressure in life.

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