Auto insurance expert: role and missions

Also called automobile expert, this professional intervenes when declaring a claim to your insurer. The auto insurance expert is responsible for assessing the damage, but not only. What are the other missions of the auto expert? We tell you everything about this complete profession.

Automotive expert, what there is to know

Not everyone can become an automotive expert. It is a regulated profession. People who practice this trade have the necessary technical skills. They must also be listed on the national list drawn up by the national commission of automobile experts. This registration attests to both his qualification and his skills to carry out his mission.

Admittedly, the automobile expert is mandated by an insurance company, but he intervenes in a completely impartial manner. It is an independent professional commissioned against remuneration. The auto expert can be an engineer or a technician working in the automotive industry.

The qualified expert VGA, i.e. seriously damaged vehicle or VEI (economically irreparable vehicle) must have undergone specific training. This is defined by interministerial order.

The missions of the car insurance adjuster

The main mission of the car expert is to assess the damage. If the car seems repairable, the professional draws up a list of the various repairs to be carried out. He quantifies the cost precisely. But its mission does not stop there. The auto expert works in collaboration with the mechanic to define a procedure for repairing the vehicle. These may be parts to be repaired or changed, the time required for labor to restore the mechanics, bodywork, paint, etc.

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Contrary to what one might think, the expert is not mandated to determine those responsible for the accident, but only to assess the damage. During his expertise, you can be present. It is also useful to collaborate effectively with him by providing him with all your maintenance and repair invoices. These supporting documents will make it possible to determine the condition of your vehicle before the accident.

When his expertise is completed, the professional submits his report to the insurer. It sets the amount of the reimbursement which corresponds to the restoration of the vehicle. It is the expert’s report, and only this one, which determines the basis of the compensation received by the insured.

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Disagreement with the conclusions of the auto expert

If you do not agree with the report submitted by the expert, you can contest it. It is quite possible to request a counter-expertise by selecting the other expert yourself. Please note that the costs incurred are your responsibility. If the expert you have commissioned gives an opinion different from the first, a third expertise may take place. In the event of a dispute, be aware that legal proceedings may be opened. The president of the court will then be responsible for appointing an expert.

The other roles of the automotive expert

The intervention of an auto insurance expert may be requested in other cases. The professional can very well assist his client to uncover the pitfalls and hidden defects of a used car. When buying a vehicle, if you find fraud such as manipulated mileage, call an expert. He will then establish a report in order to reach an agreement with the seller. This can be useful before taking the case to court.

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The auto expert can also estimate the value of a vehicle in the event of theft. From the purchase and maintenance invoices, photos and the rating at the Argus, he will determine the value of the stolen property.

We rarely know it, but the auto expert also has the mission of preventing accidents. This professional carries out a mission relating to public security. In the event of a seriously damaged vehicle, he may prohibit its use and control its return to circulation.

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