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What is cartomancy?

The word cartomancy actually designates any form of divination using cards to give spiritual advice and predict the future. However, as our world has progressed and evolved, many methods of divination using the cards have found their own name, and the word cartomancy is now more commonly used as a narrower definition of the art of divination. using a standard deck of cards.

The history of cartomancy is quite hazy, but it is quite common in many different spiritual practices and religions. The use of playing cards had become an integral part of human culture by the 14th century. Each country had different decks, images, and numbers of cards, and the variety of decks varied from country to country.

So it’s almost impossible to know exactly when we started using a standard deck of playing cards to predict the future. There is a myth that Napoleon regularly called on the wisdom and skill of fortune-tellers during his lifetime. Some also believe that fortune-telling may have been used in court to predict the outcome of certain trials.

Although its history is quite ambiguous, it cannot be denied that today the use of maps to determine the direction your life is taking has become a very popular and respected skill in the spiritual community.

What is the difference between cartomancy and tarot?

In today’s society, the word cartomancy does not always refer to all forms of divination by cards, but rather to the use of a standard deck of cards, but the most common form of divination by the cards, which you probably know, is the tarot.

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Fortune telling and tarot are both quite similar when it comes to the draw. The card games themselves are actually very different.

A standard deck of playing cards has only 52 cards. Whereas a tarot deck contains 78 cards. Tarot is undeniably beautiful to look at, with delicate and artistic images that reflect colors. Part of the charm of the tarot lies in the intricate details of each card.

A standard deck of cards, on the other hand, is much simpler with its unassuming images and basic details. There are also far fewer colors, with half of the game being red and the other black.

The tarot also relies much more on theintuition of the cartomancer when it comes to guessing the meaning of the cards drawn. Cartomancy, on the other hand, has a much more precise meaning of the cards, making it the perfect divination method for beginners.

How does cartomancy work?

Cartomancy clairvoyance uses a deck of ordinary cards, tarots or oracles. Each card has its own meaning which helps the fortune teller predict your future.

The cartomancer lays out the cards in front of you and asks you to draw a card. If you choose a card, your seer will be able to discern its meaning in the draw.

For simple yes or no type questions, just draw a single card. For the readings of the past, present and future, three cards will be drawn.

Your fortune teller can choose to draw more cards if you want more detail. Spreads of 9 cards, and even 21 cards, are used for detailed reading.

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Cartomancy itself appeals to theuniverse energy to find the answers to your questions.
Each card in a cartomancy game therefore has its own meaning. However, the interpreted meaning may change a bit depending on the questions of the subject.

Why go see a fortune-teller?

If you have reached a point in your life where you would like to be guided, it may be time to consult a fortune-teller. Your future is not set in stone, but a fortune teller sees it as it will be if you continue on your chosen path. If you’re not sure you’re on the right track and want some advice, a card draw can help you see things more clearly. If you’re stressed or confused about something, this is your chance!

Consulting a fortune-teller is a way ofexplore what is happening in your life. The cards themselves, depending on the deck used, contain symbols and archetypes that have a deep resonance.

Much of the work of fortune telling is to help you understand simple concepts. For example, when there are feelings you don’t want to feel, that’s often what causes blockages. Tarot cards or oracles can help you understand the meaning of the events you are experiencing. This allows you to understand your situation from a new angle. You can then to take decisions and understand your behaviors. What is motivated by avoidance or anxiety?

When should you consult a fortune-teller?


Cartomancy works wonders when you have several options and you don’t know which one to choose. Be clear about your decision and your options before your consultation begins.

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Cartomancy can be a guide light in the fog of confusion when you can’t clearly see the next step. Consulting a fortune-teller will help you clarify the specific steps that will get you out of this mess and get you back on track.


Get as much information as possible about what awaits you (opportunities, obstacles and surprises) is always a good idea. If you are informed, you are prepared! Let the cards reveal to you not only what is to come but also how you can handle what lies ahead.


The tarot can provide a illuminating mirror to reveal who you were, are and will become. It can place your story in a larger context and extract life lessons, wisdom, and self-awareness from it.


We all need a little help sometimes to come up with ideas. Whatever idea you are considering, cartomancy will bring a outside view about your situation.

Consult a fortune-teller on our site and get answers to all your questions!

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