The qualities and defects of the sign of Pisces

People born between February 19 and March 20 have the sun sign Pisces. It helps to color deep sense of self, identity, personal style, self-esteem and confidence.

Typical traits of the Sun in Pisces are compassion, romanticism, artistry, empathy, and sensitivity. They are the obvious creatives of the zodiac; when they channel their emotions into their favorite art form, they feel more centered and enlightened. This can mean that they enjoy, and maybe even excel at, a wide variety of forms of creative expression, from dance and music to writing and performing on stage or in art. screen. (In fact, astrology holds that the film industry is a Neptunian realm). And because they have very deep feelings and can have mood swings, they can also be drawn to psychology and metaphysical or energetic practices (like Reiki, acupuncture, or aromatherapy). They also tend to have innate psychic abilities.

These characteristics reflect many of the themes covered by the twelfth house of spirituality, which Pisces rules. It deals with your true, deeply rooted identity, your subconscious and your spiritual side. It covers how you deal with the most difficult to heal emotional wounds that you are meant to overcome and evolve over the course of your life. It concerns psychology, secrets, hidden weaknesses, private matters and dreams.

Pisces is a water sign, which means they’re flexible, open to the flow, and generally willing to listen to all sides of a problem before making a decision.

The qualities of Pisces

Compassionate, artistic, deeply emotional, uniquely empathetic, and often inclined to throw themselves into helping others at all costs, Pisces are some of the most magical people you can meet. When it comes to their artistic impulses, sensitivity and spirituality, they operate on a whole new level. As a rule, they swim in the depths of emotions and psychology, and any energy they encounter, they tend to absorb like a sponge. This can mean that they carry deep emotional wounds throughout their lives, but they also excel at channeling that pain into therapeutic and creative pursuits. They are also true artists who not only have a deep appreciation for film, theatre, dance, music, etc., but can create almost effortlessly, as if they were born with a special gift. They are long-time friends you can cry on without fear of being judged. And he is the healer you seem to have found at the right time, who intuitively understands what you are going through and whose warm, spiritual presence can be felt as a soothing balm in itself.

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The faults of fish

The empathetic nature of this water sign is a double-edged sword, as all those deeply felt emotions — many of which aren’t even Pisces — and those wounds can build up and set a moody tone. Tendging to take a passive approach to life — instead of feeling empowered to make things happen — Pisces can find themselves wading through the depths of despair, self-pity, and pessimism. And if Pisces has trouble setting boundaries, they may feel like they’re constantly being taken advantage of because they care about others. They may be inclined to portray themselves as martyrs. All of this can fuel a propensity for problematic forms of escapism (such as addiction or the ostrich policy when there is a troubling issue that requires action on their part). Those affected may find it difficult to accept or discern fact from fiction.

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