Celebrities born under the sign of Aquarius

The Sun dances in the sign of Aquarius from January 20 to February 18. People born under this sign tend to be unconventional, quirky, and intellectual. They know that achieving their dreams requires a tribe and cannot be done alone.

Take a look at our list of Aquarius celebrities!

Alicia Keys

« No One » singer and proponent of a makeup-free face, Alicia Keys is breaking the cage like all Aquarians aspire to do. She was born on January 25.

Ellen DeGeneres

The talk show queen, who is venturing down a new path in her career, has always shown off her powerful communication skills. As an air sign, Aquarians are one of the most intelligent zodiac signs. She was born on January 26.

Oprah Winfrey

Media giant Oprah Winfrey channels the optimistic and humanitarian energy of Aquarius in all her work. With her billions of dollars in global aid and humanitarian contributions helping her on her mission to make the world a better and kinder place, Oprah is probably one of the most famous Aquarians of all. She was born on January 29.

Christian Bale

A highly acclaimed actor, Christian Bale digs deep into all of his roles – using his star sign’s skills to illuminate both light and dark. He was born on January 30.

Justin Timberlake

The « Sexyback » crooner has always known how to entertain. The pop star was born on January 31.

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The global singer has been lighting up the airwaves and keeping us moving for years. This Colombian-born singer is known only too well for her vibrant personality, both on and off stage. Who can forget her 2020 Superbowl performance with J.Lo? They say opposites attract: Aquarius and Leo (Lopez’s sign) are known to be an electric pair. Shakira was born on February 2. Her birth chart gives insight into her power.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo, sports star and world star, was born on February 5th.

Chris Rock

This comedy star always knows how to keep the audience hooked! He was born on February 7.

Jenifer Aniston

Known as a global icon thanks to her hit series Friends in the 1990s, Jennifer Aniston brings her wit and charm to every role. Aquarians are fiercely independent, unlike other zodiac signs who may crave the stability and comfort that comes with a partner. The beloved actress is proud of the way she stands, often hitting back at the sexist comments she’s faced for years in Hollywood. She was born on February 11.

Kelly Rowland

This former « Destiny’s Child » has been a force to be reckoned with since her debut. She was born on February 11.

Michael Jordan

Basketball legend, Michael Jordan, has achieved iconic status for many feats in his career. He was born on February 17.

Ed Sheeran

The « Perfect » singer knows how to tell the perfect story with the perfect lyrics. He was born on February 17.

Paris Hilton

The recently married superstar is living her lifestyle. She was born on February 17.

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