The World in the Tarot de Marseille

The Arcane N ° 21: the World in the Tarot de Marseille

The Arcane the World is the ultimate of the numbered major arcana, it expresses the most subtle vibrations of the series. Along with the blade of the Sun, this is one of the most favorable cards in this game. The consultant can expect total and lasting success. Any action put in place will have a favorable outcome and will be fully realized.

Outcome, fulfilled wishes, fulfillment, harmony and joy. This blade symbolizes all that is beautiful, coherent, lasting and virtuous, it is the card of beauty and aesthetes.

The Arcane The World in the game

If this card is drawn in the (positive) place: it is a favorable card about a desired wish, long-term achievements and projects, a lasting and fertile relationship, great satisfactions await you, be it on a personal, professional or sentimental level. You are on the road to success.

If this card is drawn upside down (negative): get out of your straitjacket that is slowing you down, you are poorly advised. Your entourage is hostile and unfavorable, friendships, hypocritical relations, they show a narrow-mindedness, the foreigner is not recommended to you. Be careful not to exceed the limits, by having projects that are too idealistic, even unachievable.

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The Arcane the World and love


Positive: This blade has the particularity of chasing the doubts, fears, questions that we ask ourselves. You will be able to be satisfied with the road traveled, it is the period of realization, the culmination of your sentimental life, long-term projects can be planned, you will want to formalize your union, to have a child, to a new house.

Negative: The happiness so hoped for, so longed for does not arise, you are disappointed. Maybe your partner is not the one who suits you best? This arcane drawn backwards indicates many disappointments on the sentimental level.

The Arcane The World and Finances

Positive: If you have encountered financial worries, you can consider that this period is finally over. Now is the time to receive the fruits of your harvest or use them for a project you’ve been dreaming of for a long time. For people looking for a job, you should find a job with a decent salary.

Negative: Maybe you bet too high, have you overestimated your aspirations? Solutions will have to be found quickly. Your situation becomes wobbly and uncomfortable. You will have to react before it becomes catastrophic. If you’ve been waiting for a life-saving cash flow, you might be disappointed.


The Arcane The world and health

Positive: You are on the mend, the accumulated health problems will disappear, better days are coming after a difficult period.

Negative: Your health is not foolproof, your functioning of « pulling the rope » every day on your body, learn to take time for yourself, breathe, take a step back otherwise health problems will appear, it could be too late.

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The Arcane The World and Work

Positive: You are living there a period of achievement and your initiatives are crowned with success, you can congratulate yourself on this success, because it comes after a period of intense work. If you are an entrepreneur, you gain in reputation and your business grows well.

Negative: This arcane indicates that you could have been « greedy », having objectives a little too ambitious, you must change your behavior and revise your actions, like your objectives. You have to understand and integrate during this period, that the obstacles you encounter indicate that you need to change your method.

The motto of the arcane Le Monde: Success, triumph, recognition.

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