Astrology: Baby Virgo

Astrological portrait of the baby Virgo

You’ll probably notice early on that your Virgo baby will do anything they can to be helpful. When it’s time to eat, he’ll want to make sure you get your share of food and wash his face to help clean it up. You will notice that your Virgo child is always eager to help when asked.

Virgos are born leaders and like to take charge. With friends and siblings, this can turn into bossiness, so be sure to guide your Virgo baby during social times. Teaching him from the beginning to approach his peers gently will reduce friction. It is natural for your child to Virgo sign takes control, so teach him early on to listen to other people’s opinions. You will need to make sure he is a good playmate and not a dictator.

You will likely find that your Virgo child excels in intellectual areas. Virgo babies often talk early and are precocious in reading and writing.

You will have to establish clear and precise rules. Virgos are very good at finding loopholes in instructions and use their charm to make excuses. To make your life easier, you can post the house rules to stop the protests.

Virgo babies like order and cleanliness. Their toys will be put away, but maybe in a particular way. Try not to relocate the toys too much. If there’s an order that makes sense to your Virgo child, it’s best not to move things around.

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Virgo babies are not only smart, but they also have a knack for seeing what no one else notices. Their ability to notice the smallest details will be to their advantage during games.

Despite their innate intelligence, your Virgo baby is actually quite sensitive and prone to feeling insecure and inferior. His feelings are easily hurt, so take care to help him develop strong self-esteem early on. He needs his parents to strengthen his self-esteem. A simple hug or kiss is often not enough for a Virgo baby. You’ll need to praise him, because Virgo babies need it a bit more than most other children.

Virgo baby: instructions for use

virgin baby

    • Virgo is the sign of help, and Virgo babies like to feel needed by helping out. Create games! If anyone could turn the dishwasher into a fun activity, it’s this kid!

    • With a younger group, Virgo babies can be bossy, which could cause friction. Guide your baby gently in his socialization so that he develops a gentler approach with children his age.

    • Get your Virgo child into lots of hands-on activities such as crafts or Legos. With their active minds, Virgo babies also enjoy doing puzzles and reading books.

Parenting tips for a Virgo baby

    • Virgo is the sign of perfectionism and these children can be quite hard on themselves. Tell your child that it’s okay to make mistakes, so they don’t hide their problems or develop self-destructive behaviors.

    • State the rules clearly. Everything must be black or white. Virgo babies are smart and know how to « sleep » parents with stories or excuses. Writing down the ground rules on a piece of paper and posting them for all to see can put an end to the Virgo child’s protests.

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