What are the different decans of Aquarius?

Aquarius is a star sign for January and a star sign for February. Find out which decan you belong to and what its characteristics are.

Aquarius 1st decan: January 21 to 29

People in the first decan of Aquarius were born between January 21 and January 29. They are complex in nature, and what we mean by that is that they are not easy to understand. They do not conform to the traditions and rules established by others. They can be social but like to be alone. They like to acquire knowledge from everywhere.

You will always find them on the front line when it comes to philanthropy or charity. Social work attracts them. They see the big picture very well and try to do something for humanity whenever they can. Aquarius first decan also believes in taking the road less travelled. He is full of creativity and it is pleasant to be around him. However, they can seem cold and calculating until you get to know them better.

Aquarius 2nd decan: from January 30 to February 8

The most striking characteristic of Aquarius 2nd decan is their capacity for reasoning. They are light-hearted and enjoy light humor. They are also endowed with a creative and scientific spirit. They have great analytical and communication skills.

They influence the people around them a lot and make balanced decisions in life. Enthusiasm and passion for everything comes naturally to them. Not only are they good at communicating, but they are also curious people.

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Aquarius 3rd decan: from February 08 to February 18

If there is one profession that best suits these natives, it is politics. They are good leaders and they also know how to stand out in the crowd. Naturally, they are also inclined to do social work for their community. However, the natives of Aquarius 3rd decan can also go beyond wearing the white suits of politics, by broadening their horizons in the field of fashion and all things creative. The natives of the third decan of Aquarius are adventurous and erratic.

They also attract the same charming energy. Along the same lines, they are really good at the flirting game. On the surface, they may look like social butterflies. However, they are very picky when it comes to choosing their friends and the people they want to hang out with. They can sometimes be unstable, especially if they feel neglected in a relationship.

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