Clairvoyance in the USA (United States)

Clairvoyance in the United States: what are the top destinations and how to get the ESTA?

In the United States, psychics and psychics have come a long way. Some have even become real stars, and have become as important as the therapists. Thanks to popular TV shows like The Dead Files, a New Age trend is being felt and mediums are taken much more seriously. The same goes for those American destinations where many psychics and psychics live and congregate. Let’s discover these places in the United States and take stock of ESTA!

New Orleans

Cari Roy is arguably New Orleans’ most renowned medium. She says there is something special about this city. Despite the histories of major hurricanes, yellow fever, disastrous fires and epidemics, New Orleans comes back stronger every time. Could it be supernatural resilience?

Many psychics and psychics work on the famous Bourbon Street for a few dollars per visit. But more and more reputable mediums are settling in New Orélans to offer consultations.

Monteleone is known for his strange paranormal activity. Among the ghosts observed, we find an orphan from the end of the 19th century. Before you go, learn about the history of haunted hotels in New Orleans – and book if you dare!

Sedona, Arizona

For thousands of years, Native American tribes considered the Sedona Red Rocks to be so sacred that no one was supposed to reside there. Times have changed a bit: Today Sedona is a bustling tourist spot with a population of 2,500. But there’s no denying that Sedona still draws travelers and psychics alike for its healing powers for body and soul.

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According to believers, vortices of powerful energy points emanate from the Red Rocks. Many mediums also live in the region, whether they are clairvoyants working at home or tarologists in esoteric shops. There is also the Psychic Center of Sedona, where 6 to 10 psychics are set up for occasional clairvoyances throughout the day.

Best Medium to See: Claudia Coronado, pastor of the Universal Church of Life, who usually works from her home.

Lily Dale, New York

Lily Dale, New York, has only 275 residents, 45 of whom are certified psychics. People have been drawn to this spirit community in southwestern New York since the late 1800s, with the founding of the Lily Dale Spiritual Assembly.

Today, this community offers year-round meetings and seminars on mediumship, spiritualist studies, healing and the paranormal. Many also travel to the nearby village of Cassadaga, founded decades before Lily Dale, which offers education and research programs on the metaphysical world.

Cassadaga, Florida

There is no strange coincidence between Cassadaga, New York, and Cassadaga, Florida: New Yorkers from Cassadaga took refuge in this small Florida town during the cold winter months and founded it in 1894. Their traditions continue with the Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp. The community is small, barely two hundred residents, but tourists come in droves, looking for answers and to consult the best mediums in a welcoming environment.

The story goes that it was the Native Americans who drove the settlers to this special place, now about a 30-minute drive from Orlando. The Cassadaga Hotel, a historic site built in 1927, is a privileged place. It’s home to a spirit named Arthur (a former resident that guests continue to spot). The hotel organizes sessions twice a week, led by certified experts.

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Apply for ESTA to visit the United States

To go to the United States and visit all these privileged places of clairvoyance, you will need to apply for ESTA, a travel authorization required which allows you to travel to the USA without a visa. ESTA allows theUS Customs and Border Protection to control travelers. All airlines and shipping companies require and verify this document when departing passengers.

The ESTA authorization is valid for a period of two years and allows you to make an unlimited number of trips to the United States during this period. Each of these stays can last a maximum of 90 days.

To obtain this document, you must be able to demonstrate on your arrival that you intend to leave the country at the end of your stay, for example by showing your return ticket.

To make your request forESTA, all you need to do is complete the form in a few minutes and pay the costs of your request. You will receive your travel authorization, which will be sent to you as soon as possible, and you will be able to travel freely to the United States for a tourist or business trip, to make a stopover or to visit friends or family in the United States.

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