Which parent is Aquarius?

The Aquarius parent

As an Aquarius parent, you encourage your children’s freedom and independence. You may have an unconventional family life. Your home is likely to be filled with your children’s artwork, current projects, and other random items.

Since you love to push the boundaries of what’s considered normal, you won’t mind your kids dyeing their hair green or trying on an interesting new dress style. For you, these unique forms of personal expression are the very essence of youth! You also have enough loyalty and stability to provide a solid foundation for your family.

You are just not tied to traditional family or gender roles, and you are happy in your freedom. You have always had a wide variety of friends and acquaintances, and you teach your children to be open-minded and curious about people from all walks of life. You also encourage their ability to think deeply and find creative solutions to their problems. You are a great role model in looking to the future rather than getting bogged down in the present or the past.

Your main challenge as a parent may be learning to open up emotionally to your children. You tend to be more comfortable with intellectual thinking than with feelings, so you should strive to be loving and caring.

The relationship of the Aquarius parent with his child

Aquarius, by virtue of an innate humanity, can miraculously « solve » a situation peacefully, reconcile quarrels, choose the best option that is suitable for everyone. Aquarius parents are able to guide children competently, without using pressure and yelling, to inspire them and bring about a real solution to the problem.

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Children accept the authority of adults, knowing that they can be contacted at any time and receive effective help, without listening to criticism of their inability to do anything. Aquarius in child rearing relies on a friendly disposition, not wanting to offend or humiliate the younger members of the family. Parents are not only trying to say what to do, but they want to awaken in children an interest in what is happening, so that the personal contribution of each to the common cause is invested.

Aquarius parents always try to encourage and praise their offspring, so that the positive memory and gratitude received is retained.

Aquarius parents have a wide range of interests and try to create a nice outlook in their children, being interested in their affairs in various fields of activity. In such families, children are simply fascinated by their parents, because they value the confidence of adults.

The Aquarius mother

Mother Aquarius, at first, is somewhat discouraged by the newly born child, because before that she had gotten used to giving her attention and love to many people around her, and now all of this must be focused on one small being.

The Aquarius mother is very sensitive and understands all the states of her child. With her calm and energy, she positively influences the child, creating a calm and free atmosphere.

Deep down in her soul, this mother is very attached to her children. When the baby grows up and can consciously perceive life with all its manifestations, the Aquarius mom can teach him to love others, to be tolerant of their faults, to forgive, to recognize good and bad, not to always say only the truth.

The Aquarius mother is able to understand her child well, which helps her in her education and development. The most important thing for an Aquarius mother is to find a value system by which to develop and nurture a child. She doesn’t tend to follow traditions and rules because she always wants to be free. Therefore, she creates a value system for herself.

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Father Aquarius

In the role of the father, Aquarius serves as an example to his child of beautiful concentration of attention, abstract thought, search for truth and spiritual development. He is interested in social life, politics, various types of science. Father Aquarius shares his interests with his children.

When children are little, Aquarius fathers give them attention. But as children grow older, they establish friendly relationships with them, which helps them understand each other, listen to their children’s issues, and give them the necessary advice. The children thus have complete confidence in their father.

Aquarius parent, Aries child

Both Aquarius and Aries are artistic and imaginative, but Aquarius parents can be surprised by their little Aries’ fiery temperament – and can downplay their mood swings. Learning to listen to their emotions can help their little Aries to adapt.

Aquarius parent, Taurus child

This air sign and this earth sign can be a tricky combination, as little Taurus may need a lot of structure, which is unnatural for Aquarians. The more the two signs respect each other, the more successful this association will be.

Aquarius parent, Gemini child

Smart, imaginative, and independent, Aquarius and Gemini parents and children get along wonderfully, but can become a bit too good friends at times. It is important for Aquarius to remember that they are the parent.

Aquarius parent, Cancer child

Sensitive Cancer children can be a challenge for Aquarians, who may feel like their child is asking for more than they can give. The more attentive they are to their own vulnerabilities, the more successfully they will be able to raise a little Cancer.

Aquarius parent, Leo child

Leo cubs give Aquarians a hard time, but while Leo’s can roar loudly, Aquarians accept that their cub is just as loud. This acceptance can help the little Leo gain self-confidence.

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Aquarius parent, Virgo child

An Aquarius parent can feel disconnected from their Virgo child at times, and the best way to combine this air and earth sign is art. Art is a medium in which the two signs are equally comfortable with each other, and it can help them communicate.

Aquarius parent, Libra child

These two air signs have a lot in common, but little Libras can be more sensitive than Aquarius parents recognize. Learning to move beyond feeling like « everything is fine » and into somewhat uncomfortable emotions is helpful for both signs.

Aquarius parent, Scorpio child

Aquarius parents know that their Scorpio cubs are very different from them. Scorpios thrive in this unconditional acceptance and can learn to let wounds and grievances subside as they watch their Aquarius parent go through life.

Aquarius parent, Sagittarius child

Adventurous explorers, parent and child both need a lot of time alone. But it’s up to Aquarius parents to fill in the gaps and recognize when it’s helpful to hold hands with their little Sagittarius.

Aquarius parent, Capricorn child

Aquarius parents sometimes wonder if the Capricorn child is the real parent. Capricorn kids love structure, bedtime, and tidy playrooms. Aquarius parents? Not really. The two signs can learn from each other, but Aquarius parents may need to be more rigid than usual with a Capricorn child.

Aquarius parent, Aquarius child

These two signs know each other well, maybe even a little too well. Aquarius parents can be tough on their Aquarius kids because they’re tough on themselves. It helps both of you to be a little more forgiving.

Aquarius parent, Pisces child

Both imaginative and intuitive, Aquarius parents and Pisces kids enjoy exploring life together. Pisces, element of water, can be more emotional than Aquarius thinks; recognizing this and learning to think before you speak can help avoid hurt feelings before they happen.

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