Influence of the Planets in Astrology: Planet Earth

The earth

As the only planet with liquid water, abundant oxygen, an atmosphere and a habitable surface temperature, we are very lucky to have our Mother Earth. It allows us to exist.

The Earth frames the rest of the Solar System, the Galaxy and the Universe from a very specific and totally unique perspective as it revolves around the Sun. The Earth influences us every day as we interact with the myriad environments it offers: jungles, grasslands, mountains, deserts, oceans and arctic tundras. The rest of the planets appear in the aspect of the Earth as it moves along its elliptical orbit around the Sun with the other planets. So, even though it is not included in natal charts, make no mistake: our planet Earth has a huge effect on everyone who inhabits it.

earth in astrology

Earth is the only planetary body in our solar system, other than the Moon or the Kuiper Belt dwarf planets, that was not named after a Greek or Roman god or goddess. In Greek mythology, the personification of Earth was Gaia, the very first deity.

In heliocentric (Sun-centered) astrology, the view of the sky is from the center of the solar system with the Sun in the middle and the Earth as a planet in a circle interpreted in the same way as the other planets. However, most Western astrologers use a geocentric (Earth-centered) model where the Sun becomes a planet in one sign, and the significance of Earth’s placement is ignored. The apparent movement of the Sun is seen in the astrological sign by which it appears to move, although we realize this is only a useful convention since the movement of the Earth is what causes the apparition.

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When the twelve zodiac signs are viewed sequentially or linearly, beginning with Aries and progressing through Pisces, the experience represents an unfolding path and the soul’s journey through time and space. space to gain experience. This circle of stars is made up of energies that alternate in gender or positive or negative polarity. The nature of the signs develops from a personal and individual orientation in Aries to a transpersonal and collective orientation in Pisces.

In the signs of the zodiac, the Earth element is manifested by the following traits:

  • Tolerance
  • Patience
  • Realism
  • Productivity
  • Endurance
  • Sensuality

Planet Earth in the natal chart

The Earth in the birth chart is always 180 degrees from the natal position of the Sun. Very little attention has been paid to the astrological involvement of Earth in the natal horoscope. There is one aspect of energy which the modern astrologer makes very little room for, and yet it is of paramount importance. It is the energy that emanates or radiates from the Earth itself… Astrologers have always emphasized the incoming influences and energies as they play through our little planet, but they have failed to take into consideration many adequately the emanating qualities and forces that are our Earth’s contribution… to the larger whole.

Earth in the birth chart represents the physical location of a person’s path. The position of the house in the birth chart will reveal this location. It is the balance between inner and outer journeys – between the envisioned goal and the actual field that we need to create in our physical reality. We must be able to function with the same capacity through inner, mental and outer life.

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The position of our planet in the natal chart therefore reveals two things; the realm of life where active intelligence anchors itself in the shape of our daily existence; and the place where the work of the present incarnation is to be expressed, through our physical presence and our influence on others.

As the Sun in the esoteric map indicates the « creative equipment » a person brings into present life, the Earth, 180 degrees opposite, reveals where that equipment lands for proper use. It indicates the nature of an individual’s personal life experience as a soul contributing to the whole of humanity.

The invaluable lesson we can learn from placing the Earth in the birth chart includes illuminating our blind spots, bringing sunlight into dark places. If we become aware of unconscious motives and instinctual drives, we can gain valuable perspective. The Earth moves in a spiral dance in partnership with the Sun.

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