Which parent is Gemini?

The Gemini parent:

Smart, playful, and energetic, the goal of a Gemini parent is to make parenting as fun as possible. Gemini parents are invested with their children and love to provide activities and adventures that parents and children alike will enjoy. These parents can also be frustrated if a child does not follow their program. It can be difficult to put their own emotions and needs aside in favor of their child’s. As their children grow older, Gemini moms and dads love to be friends with their children, and they always take their children’s opinions and ideas seriously. A Gemini parent can be demanding, especially when it comes to intellect and independent thinking. They see the holidays as a learning opportunity, just like any other time of the year, and they want their children to enjoy asking life’s big questions as much as they do.

The Gemini parent’s relationship with their child

Gemini parents fully understand their children, do they organize common games with them? When they need to teach their child something or explain something, they will always find understandable and necessary arguments. Gemini in education only uses the mind, but does not connect the heart, so children may lack tenderness.

Gemini parents should learn to give children warmth from their hearts, love and patience, hugs and compliments, creating harmony in the home.

A developed mind is sometimes not enough to solve the problems that arise, so children will need the full spectrum of parenting education. So much the better if mom and dad are intellectuals: they can open up the secret world of art to children, the beauty of dance, the charm of symphonic music, the magic of artists’ paintings, the fascination of reading and more. But it is still not enough.

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Gemini parents perceive children to be equal to themselves, not paying attention to age. They are surprised that their offspring can treat them without respect or reverence, although they themselves often sin for lack of attention to the younger ones.

The Gemini Mother

The Gemini mother feels eternally young, which is why she treats her child as an equal. She doesn’t speak to him as a child, but as an adult. As a result, trusting friendships are formed between mother and child, and the child quickly develops, becomes intelligent and independent.

But mother Gemini is full of conflicting thoughts, because she cannot focus on one thing for long and draw consistent conclusions. To the child, she transmits this property, which deprives him of discretion – the child believes his mother and accepts her point of view. After the mother, the child believes all those he considers trustworthy. In adult life, it can easily be manipulated by stronger individuals, and it can be at the mercy of dangerous individuals and groups.

Father Gemini

In the role of the father, Gemini serves as an example to his children, for his joyful and clear view of the world and his determined pursuit of knowledge.

Demonstrating his abilities in front of the child, the Gemini father forgets his needs and characteristics. Although Father Gemini is able to critically assess his actions and words, he forgets the feelings that should be manifested in the love of the child.

The child over time can feel the lack of love and understands this as a lack of attention towards him or her. Very early on, he loses a close emotional bond with his father and becomes independent. Over the years, Father Gemini begins to marvel at his child’s lack of respect, which can manifest itself in arguments and disobedience.

Gemini parent, Aries child

Highly energetic, this combo of air and fire signs is a great choice for keeping each other occupied. Fiercely intellectual and opinionated, Gemini and Aries can often get stuck (especially during their teenage years). The Gemini parent needs to relax and let the baby Aries do whatever they want – at least every now and then.

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Gemini parent, Taurus child

A Gemini parent can get frustrated with their little Taurus’ stubbornness and may spend unnecessary energy trying to turn their little Taurus into something they’re not. It works best when the Gemini parent can appreciate (and not necessarily try to understand) the traits of their Taurus child.

Gemini parent, Gemini child

Gemini can get very emotional, and parent and child may feel too similar to be comfortable. While this can be a good thing for the Gemini parent – what mother or father wouldn’t want to read their child’s mind? – it may seem overwhelming for a Gemini child. Giving little Gemini space to become their own person is key.

Gemini parent, Cancer child

This air sign and this water sign both have emotional depths, but each deals with them differently. While Gemini loves to talk about their issues, Cancers are just as likely to keep issues to themselves, which can frustrate a Gemini parent. Learn to connect through hugs, or just sitting quietly together on the sofa.

Gemini parent, Leo child

A Gemini parent loves the confidence, boldness, and personality that a littleThe Leo Zodiac sign brings to the family. At the same time, Gemini parents have to adapt so they aren’t always in the spotlight, which is what they prefer. Instead of fighting for the limelight, the Gemini parent should cede the family scene to little Leo, at least every now and then.

Gemini parent, Virgo child

This combination brings out the best of both signs. The Gemini air sign respects this earth sign’s prudence, attention to detail, and intelligence. Since these two signs love the arts in all its forms, this parent-child duo can bond around art projects, museum visits, and other cultural touchpoints.

Gemini parent, Libra child

These two air signs have a lot in common. Gemini can teach their little Libras to deal with and share their emotions, as well as how to deal with differences of opinion. Gemini parents can be exasperated that their little Libra wants everyone to be happy – teaching openness is key.

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Gemini parent, Scorpio child

Intense Scorpio brings out all of Gemini’s emotions, for better or for worse. This duo love each other fiercely, and they will fight fiercely as well. Even though their struggles seem extreme to strangers, parents and children share a mutual respect. A Gemini parent demands honesty and respect from their little Scorpio, and a Scorpio child rises to the challenge.

Gemini parent, Sagittarius child

The fiery Sagittarius always wants to push the boundaries, while the Gemini might still learn to set limits. Gemini parents may not want to have « rules, » but this is how little Sagittarius learn best. Creating the right structure for their family is essential in building a strong bond between these two signs.

Gemini parent, Capricorn child

Grounded, a Capricorn child can make Gemini parents scratch their heads and ask, « Is this child really mine? » A Gemini parent can learn a lot from the way a Capricorn child plays by the rules, and a Capricorn child can learn to take risks from their Gemini parent. Gemini parents would do well to follow a schedule (even if it drives them crazy) to help their little one feel as grounded as possible.

Gemini parent, Aquarius child

Social, fun, and up for anything, this duo love games, parties and celebrations. Sometimes, in all the noise and socializing, it can be difficult for these two signs to connect on a deeper level which is what they need. Taking the time to see an Aquarius child and having regular discussions about their feelings are both essential for a deep and lasting Gemini-Aquarius bond.

Gemini parent, Pisces child

With two intense signs expressing different intensities, this parent-child combination can sometimes be stormy. Although the two signs connect and love the arts, Gemini are much more likely to go wild with their emotions while Pisces tend to be folded in on themselves. Taking the time to learn to calmly deal with disagreements will help maintain family harmony.

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