Didier DERLICH: Journey of an exceptional seer

The story of the famous astrologer Didier Derlich

Renowned astrologer and medium, Didier Derlich left his mark on the world of clairvoyance. Made famous thanks to his interventions in the programs “Sacrée Soirée” and “Studio Gabriel” in the 90s, this clairvoyant with a striking gaze lived a flamboyant destiny. Those born before the 90s will undoubtedly remember Didier Derlich.

At that time, this young man gave his astral weather in the hit programs “Sacrée Soirée” and “Studio Gabriel”, alongside Jean-Pierre Foucauld and Michel Drucker. On RTL radio, Didier Derlich is also present in the program « Studio 22 » where he responds directly, thanks to his faculty of pure clairvoyance, to questions from listeners. This man who sees in time with undeniable precision, becomes a media star.

Sacred « youngest seer in France », he takes advantage of his aura to dust off the world of clairvoyance, which he finds outmoded and sometimes grotesque. Didier Derlich lives a life rich in encounters and emotions. Did he know that his time on earth would be short-lived? Because Didier Derlich, contaminated by the AIDS virus, died in the year 2000. At the age of 35, this exceptional medium who knew how to remain humble and true to himself, goes to join the stars.

Brilliant astrologer and seer, public figure, he is also that of the worldly milieu. Endowed with a strong sensitivity, child, Didier Derlich develops his capacities of medium. It was during adolescence and the death of his maternal grandfather that he took full measure of his “gift”. At the age of 18, just after passing his baccalaureate, Didier Derlich crossed paths with a great astrologer. Getting ready to undertake studies in psychology and law, this meeting will be decisive for him, who then realizes that his path is destined for the paranormal and the irrational.

Didier Derlich finally undertakes studies in astrology, learns the basics of tarot and develops his intuitive powers. With a lot of dynamism, conviction and pedagogy, he made this « universe » known to the general public. Passionate about his profession, he is a true precursor in his field, he answers with simple and essential words to the questions that are asked of him.

Didier DERLICH’s journey in the world of clairvoyance

didier derlich clairvoyance

Didier Derlich was born on April 22, 1965 in Moulins, in the department of Allier. His mother is an editor at the Department of Health and Social Affairs and his father is in charge of setting up the first Carrefour brands in the South of France. The couple is bad. Didier Derlich was five years old when his father left their home. His little brother was then two years old.

This sudden departure makes him adult and independent before his time. As a child, he already had this particular look, filled with maturity and depth. After this family breakdown, Didier Derlich went to live with his brother with an uncle. Then he was sent to a boarding school in a religious school in Moulins.

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In this sober environment, he finds a family spirit that he missed so much. From his early years, Didier Derlich had the feeling of foreseeing events, through small daily facts. This annoys his mother, who at that time puts these strange feelings down to chance.

His little brother is having fun with his announcements. Moreover, over the years, he takes him for a magician, a hero. Adult, the little brother becomes a professional rugby player and he regularly asks his big brother for his gifts of clairvoyance. He admires her deeply. A man plays an essential role in his life: his grandfather. He has an authoritarian but benevolent character. This grandfather is not like ordinary mortals: a dowser, he finds water but he is also asked to find lost objects or to bring his feelings.

Didier Derlich realizes that he too is capable of « finding » water or knowing answers, but he does not need a pendulum. He knows it instinctively. Images pass before his eyes without warning. An agricultural engineer, Didier Derlich’s grandfather lives a hundred meters from his home. One of the highlights of Didier Derlich’s childhood is linked to the death of his grandfather.

One evening in 1975, he feels that his grandfather is in very bad shape. He pushes his mother to come to his house. His feelings turn out to be correct: his grandfather dies a few hours later. From then on, Didier Derlich’s mother began to believe in her son’s intuitions. Subsequently, she becomes his most faithful consultant, which sometimes has the gift of annoying his son.

In the mid-1980s, Guy Lux revealed Didier Derlich by inviting him to the set of « C’est Aujourd’hui Demain », a program dealing with the paranormal. Didier Derlich quickly became a highly publicized seer and astrologer. He then gave horoscopes alongside Jean Pierre Foucault in Sacrée Soirée on TF1 and then in Studio Gabriel on France 2.

Television opens its doors to him. His friends like Amanda Lear Where Marie-Laure Augry help him to climb even higher. Helping success, Didier Derlich moved to avenue George V in Paris. His next door neighbor is none other than Denis Taranto, a man of communication and scoop, who knows well the celebrities of his time like Ornella Mutti or Mickey Rourke.

Aware that Didier Derlich is a man apart, he decides to refine his image and take him to new heights. Didier Derlich is invited on M6 in the show « Let’s see it together ». The medium is reaching the zenith of its career.

A very worried mother asks her one evening on the airwaves of RTL for news of her son who has been missing for a few days. Didier Derlich’s answer is intended to be reassuring » he is alive « . But we find him some time later after he drowned. This single shadow in his career will bring him a lot of harm. A famous man with a lot of media coverage, he is somewhat considered the rival of Elizabeth Teissier, also a famous astrologer.

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Clairvoyance according to Didier Derlich

didier derlich

For this famous astrologer, clairvoyance is a sensitivity, an intuition at the service of a destiny. It sheds light, a weather forecast that allows everyone to determine themselves according to their free will. Clairvoyance and astrology have existed since the dawn of time in the four corners of the globe. They have always had an element of secrecy and mystery, but some people like Didier Derlich have helped lift taboos.

What is clairvoyance? For Didier Derlich, clairvoyance is none other than a sensitivity to the other. To practice it, you need a gift, more or less great, or at least a certain aptitude. The life of the young Didier Derlich is not a long calm river. At the age of 11, he moved with his mother and brother to Paris. At the dawn of adolescence, he discovered divinatory cards. He tames them, leaving aside the traditional methods of drawing. Then chance doing things well, he falls madly in love with the Tarot de Marseille.

Each blade inspires him, triggers strings of flashes in him. The Tarot de Marseille becomes his faithful traveling companion, even if Didier Derlich has always worked in pure clairvoyance. It was at this time that Didier Derlich discovered the opaque world of clairvoyance. His mother consults a lot.

Didier Derlich accompanies him to his consultations. A fine observer, he takes the pulse of this profession. Quickly, he realizes that there are many charlatans in this environment and that the staging sometimes hides a lack of real gift. Those clairvoyance professionals who receive his mother know that the young boy sees in time, without any support? Several people questioned him, in particular a parisian clairvoyant who is actually an actor.

This man gives a few consultations here and there, discreetly. Didier Derlich says he is like “the Serge Gainsbourg of clairvoyance”, both his look and his charisma can impress. This very spiritual seer takes Didier Derlich under his wing. For several years, he taught her to channel her feelings and to position herself during a consultation. He is a master for this apprentice who will become one of the greatest seers of his generation.

The passage to adulthood of Didier DERLICH

After his baccalaureate, Didier Derlich enrolled in the faculty of psychology. But as he explains in his book “Medium”, he rarely sets foot in college. His mother returned to Moulins with his little brother, Didier Derlich tasted the joys of Parisian nightlife. During the day, he works at the Ministry of the Interior.

He is under contract as a receptionist and he can work on his voice. One day, while he is at a tobacconist, he comes across the business card ofan astrologer, Elise Roy. A few months later, he met her. This 35-year-old woman is stunningly beautiful. For five hours, she talks about his destiny and astrology.

The current passes and Didier Derlich falls into the astrology cauldron. For months and months, Elise Roy taught him this ancestral practice. Linked by the same energy, they work together and create the Trigone company, perfumer astrologer.

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The principle of their project is revolutionary: perfumes are created according to each person’s sign, ascendant and astrological influences. To sell their concept, Didier Derlich knocks on the doors of the media and he goes into the capital’s trendy places. The Trigone company captures the attention but the big brands manage to block it.

Didier Derlich is a young man who wants to move forward. His innovative spirit did not allow himself to be destabilized by this failure. He knows deep down that he is ready to practice clairvoyance professionally. So he sets off.

He begins to receive his consultants in a studio in Buttes-Chaumont. Going out a lot, he is surrounded by artists, stylists. His friends are his best press agents. A woman in particular allows him to come into contact with industrialists and patrons.

Thanks to her, he meets Michel Axe, fashion designer, businessman and owner of the restaurant Le City Rock. This wise man owns the Radio Show. He invites Didier Derlich to come to his antenna. This is the start of a great adventure. At each broadcast, the seeing responds to hundreds of listeners.

These meetings allow Didier Derlich to establish his notoriety. Jean-Paul Barkoff, key press officer at the time, took over the career of the medium. He introduces him to the RTL radio. With the show « Intuition », Didier Derlich is making a name for himself. The listeners are there.

The end of life of Didier DERLICH

didier derlich book

In 1994, Didier Derlich learned that he had Kaposi’s sarcoma. The following year, Didier Derlich was one of the first personalities to reveal his HIV status. Announcing his illness allows him to bring his stone in the fight against AIDS and will have a liberating effect for him. “Mlife has just changed in an instant’‘ he wrote, in September 1994. One evening in October 1995, in his program « Intuition » live on RTL, he announced his illness and nevertheless continued to host television and radio.

Then, little by little, he slipped away and wrote several books, including “Le Derlich des tarots” and “Foresight, beliefs, a practical guide to well-being”. In 1997, Didier Derlich published a diary entitled “Living to believe”. He recounts his fight against the disease and delivers a sincere and poignant testimony. He shares with his readers his experience between life and death and tells how his illness has upset his way of living and thinking. Didier Derlich died at the American hospital in Neuilly on August 4, 2000 and is buried in the cemetery of Moulins in the Allier.

He will leave the image of a very professional medium, kind and attentive to his audience and recognized as one of the best clairvoyants of the 20th century.

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