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Located in the northwest of Africa, Morocco is a destination full of charm, ready to welcome you for the holidays. Before making your trip to these eastern lands, it is essential to obtain the documents required by the Moroccan authorities. The passport, one of the essential documents, can be obtained through an online pre-application. Depending on the case, other additional documents will have to be provided to calmly visit the emblematic cities and towns of Morocco.

Pre-apply for a passport online for Morocco

The passport is an essential document for traveling to Morocco. With the reforms to modernize the State’s public services, it is now obtained after a online pre-application phase. A meeting at the town hall completes the procedure.

Online pre-application: a quick way to get your passport

Completed online, the passport pre-application is set up with a view tospeed up the process of obtaining the passport. It facilitates the grouping of your personal information in order to create a passport application file more simply.

Thanks to this online service, you save your resources and time. It allows you to reduce waiting time processing your file, and making an appointment at the town hall. The administration instantly receives your information and processes your request more quickly. Respecting this preliminary step allows you to gather very early and at the same time, all the necessary documents for your trip to Morocco.

Remember that it is possible to obtain your passport more quickly by going through a private site of online administrative services procedures. The latter is authorized to carry out all the steps required to file, on your behalf, a pre-application for a passport with the administration. Such a structure takes care of processing your file in record time (maximum 48 hours).

The passport pre-application is only accessible to people residing in mainland France and of French nationality.

As soon as your pre-request is accepted, you will receive a number or QR code to show in town hall to complete the procedure.

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The supporting documents to be presented to apply for a passport

After this step, you will have to go to the town hall with several vouchers. Whether for a minor or a major, there are common parts and specific parts. For an adult, the documents required for a first passport application are:

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  • a recent identity photo of less than 6 months, and resembling,
  • a revenue stamp,
  • the pre-request summary,
  • proof of address.

If it is a renewal of passport, it will be necessary to add to the enumerated documents, the original and the copy of the old title. When you do not have the title in hand or it has been expired for 5 years, you will have to present proof of French nationality. In the event of theft, the declaration of loss must be presented for effective management of the file.

For the first passport application of a minor, it will be necessary to present:

  • a revenue stamp,
  • the pre-request summary,
  • a recent identity photo of less than 6 months, and resembling,
  • the original and the photocopy of the proof of address of the parents,
  • the original and the copy of the identity document of the requesting parent.

In the event that the minor has a secure ID card, the parent must provide the original and a copy of this document. For minors born on French territory (metropolitan France) who do not have a secure identity card, proof of French nationality must be presented.

In the case of a renewal of a minor’s passport, the old title must be provided. If the minor’s passport is not secure and he does not have a secure identity card, the parent must also provide a proof of French nationality. If the renewal is requested because of a theft, it is the declaration of loss that must be provided.

The birth certificate is not compulsory. However, both for the minor and for the major, it is necessary carry a birth certificate if you were born in a DOM-TOM territory. The town hall will be able to inform you if additional rooms need to be added.

The interview at the town hall to obtain your passport

It completes the process of obtaining a passport application. The appointment must be made in any town hall with a collection device (DR). All you need to do is go there with the supporting documents listed above to finalize the request.

The necessary papers to go to Morocco

Entry into Moroccan territory requires the presentation of a few essential documents. Are you of French nationality and planning to take advantage of a stay of 3 months or less? Get a passport whose validity extends at least until the end of your stay. The Moroccan authorities must aim this piece by affixing a stamp before letting you enter the territory. If your stay exceeds 3 months, you must send the Moroccan Embassy a request for extension of the residence permit. The presentation of this document will give you access to Moroccan territory.

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A Franco-Moroccan who wishes to go to Morocco is subject to Moroccan legislation. The Moroccan embassy or consulate will be able to provide you with the conditions to be met to achieve this. In any case, you must provide a French identity document (national identity card or passport) to ensure your return to France.

The minor who accompanies his parent(s) must also keep his passport and present it. The parent(s) must carry a document attesting to the family relationship (birth certificate or family book) with the child.

The Morocco, a destination with unique cities and towns

Very welcoming, the Moroccan territory has several elegant cities. If most Moroccan cities are attractive, Fez, the Ourika Valley, Casablanca and Chefchaouen stand out from all of them.

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Fes, the city with religious origins

Former religious capital, Fez stands out for its incomparable architecture. it’s about the Most prestigious medina of North Africa. It houses, in the Bab Bou-Jeloud district, one of the most famous mosques. In Fez, you will have the opportunity to visit the tanners’ quarter to discover how leather is made. Your visit can end with the exploration of the Medersa Bou Inaniaa Muslim university built in the Arab-Moorish style.

the Ourika valley, a region of natural beauty that is very touristic

For a nature lover, the Ourika Valley is a region to visit in the High Atlas. You will discover, in Setti-Fatma, the 7 admirable waterfalls of this area. The first waterfall is easy to get to, but you’ll have to put in a little more effort to be able to visit the others. You will need to bring proper shoes to climb the stairs leading to some parts of these spectacular waterfalls.

In this pretty valley, be sure to visit the many traditional Berber houses located in the mountains. The locals are all welcoming. Generally, under the guidance of the father of the family, you can visit the house and enjoy a mint tea. After visiting the house, you can go to the traditional markets to buy artistic pieces to bring back as souvenirs.

casablanca, the modernized city

Economic capital of Morocco, Casablanca is also the most populated city of the country. During your stay, you will have fun walking through Mohamed V Square. Built in the heart of Casablanca, this square reflects the western modernist spirit who guided its builders. It is, in fact, under the influence of the French protectorate in the 1920s that this place was born. Illustrious administrative buildings and banking establishments are erected on this square and are artistically built in the French and Arabic style. In Casablanca, the Mohammad V Square also comes alive in the evening when tourists gather to gaze at its majestic fountain. It is the site of several shows where light and music unfold at will.

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In Casablanca, you cannot ignore the Habous district, another contemporary medina. Formerly intended to house Moroccan families, the Habous district is now occupied by booksellers and traders. Although it was built in 1918, it has retained its traditional style.

And to keep memories of this escapade, what better than to make your shopping at Morocco Mall. Ranked 20th among the largest shopping centers in the world, the Morocco Mall is a dynamic space. Many internationally famous stores have their representative structure there. To you the greatest shopping that can be! In addition, a range of attractions exists in this center: ice rink, amusement park, aquarium, etc.

Chefchaouene, the atypical city

The first thing that catches the eye in Chefchaouen is the dominant blue on the houses traditional. Most of these are whitewashed and tinted blue. The architectural style is the Arab-Andalusian one which offers very beautiful masterful doors.

During your stay in Morocco, you can take a tour of the El Haouta square in Chefchaouen. Composed of canteens and Moroccan restaurants, this square exudes a unique atmosphere that will not leave you indifferent.

The same goes for the Akchour waterfalls, a true natural site in Morocco. This place offers a area suitable for hiking, in a fascinating setting. Do not miss to admire the Pont de Dieu, an arch of rock measuring 25 m and offering an extraordinary landscape. You can end your visit with the casbah, the illustrious fortress located on the Outa El Hammam square.

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