Which parent is Pisces?

The Pisces parent

As a Pisces parent, you are incredibly caring, compassionate, and responsive to the needs of your children. As soon as they are babies, you feel their pain and their joy with each new discovery.

In some ways, your lifestyle is like that of a child. You are less bound than others to the demands of « real life », and you are imaginative and creative in the extreme. You happily spend hours pretend play with your children, and you are as enthusiastic and fascinated as they are by the wonders of the world.

You teach your children the importance of dreams, freedom of mind, intuition and confidence in their perception of energies. You impart to them your own sensitivity to the intricacies of life and inspire them with a love of life itself. Remember that children are lively and will notice your tendency to avoid reality in favor of your imagination.

Be sure to balance your dream energy with a hold on reality. After all, someone has to keep at least one foot on the ground! You need to teach your children to handle the responsibilities of daily living, such as sticking to a regular schedule for homework and sharing meals.

The relationship of the Pisces parent with his child

Pisces parents try to give their children the most of what they lacked in their childhood. Pisces parents prefer children to grow up more freely. Themselves absorbed by the spiritual side of life, they do not devote enough time to the education of their offspring, seeing it as a secondary and unpleasant duty.

The world of children appeals to Pisces, but they do not intend to take on the burden of education and much moralization, or control their children. Pisces parents do their best to make life easier for their children, to make life easy and enjoyable for them.

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The most difficult thing in the relationship of Pisces parents with their children is when the children have to stand on their own feet – Pisces « let go » with great difficulty. But, if they do everything wisely and correctly, children will never forget the way to their parents’ house.

Mother Pisces

Mother Poisson, because of her excessive sensitivity, is greatly affected by the experiences she lives, especially those which leave indelible impressions in her memory. Her motto is to give children everything she herself was deprived of as a child. She strives to take care of her children, in order to avoid situations like those which have been written in her memory and have left a heavy and painful impression. So, the Pisces mother shows foresight – she does not allow the repetition of mistakes and miscalculations.

The child grows, and with his growth the circumstances change. Mother Pisces has a hard time predicting what will happen next, so she changes her attitude towards her children. She begins to look for what her child needs and when he needs it, forgetting that the child’s need and demand are different things. She is ready to make a lot of sacrifices for the sake of her children, however, having a gentle and kind character, she finds it difficult to make them into strong willed and determined and disciplined children who will be able to solve any task in the family. life.

Mother Poisson has difficulty opposing her child and resisting his desires. Over the years, the child has such desires that it can create complex problems that mother Pisces cannot cope with.

Father Pisces

Father Poisson behaves like equals with his children. For them, such a father is a chance, because he will take part in the games with pleasure. It is not difficult for him to antics, play with dolls or sing.

In the role of the father, Pisces serves their children as an example of a philosophical perception of life, optimism, a delicate and fair attitude towards others. They show love, kindness, sensitivity and generosity towards their children. They support their child’s creative abilities, although they may idealize them slightly.

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As they are inclined to perceive problems passively, the Pisces fathers consider them philosophically as a test which must be lived and from which one must learn a lesson. Therefore, the child first learns to protect himself, and then to protect his father.

Pisces parent, Aries child

The adventurous Aries can seem overwhelming to the cautious Pisces, and the Pisces can get frustrated with the Aries’ look-before-you-jump attitude. Gently teaching Aries to listen to their intuition is a valuable lesson that lasts a lifetime.

Pisces parent, Taurus child

When a Pisces is a parent of a Taurus, conflict can be expected! Pisces parents can get frustrated with the stubbornness of a little Taurus. Getting to see the world from a Taurus perspective can help the duo find common ground.

Pisces parent, Gemini child

Both imaginative and creative, they can make an excellent parent-child duo. Pisces parents may need to be a little less abstract with their Gemini child and talk to them about how they are feeling.

Pisces parent, Cancer child

Both signs of water, this parent-child duo gets along well, maybe even a little too well. Emotions are explored, but sometimes a Pisces parent needs to teach their little Cancer that to be successful in life you need to know when it’s time to cry and when it’s good to move on.

Pisces parent, Leo child

A Pisces parent is captivated by their bold and fearless little Leo, and little Leos are taught to slow down and listen to their emotions from their Pisces parents. A Pisces parent will do well by giving their cubs the freedom to explore and socialize.

Pisces parent, Virgo child

Pisces and Virgos can see the world through the same artistic lens, but a Virgo may seem a little too rational for imaginative Pisces. What does this mean for a Pisces parent? Accept that the Virgo child is not able to fully accompany him in his great fancy flights, and know that the little Virgo can teach precious lessons when it is time to pay attention to reality.

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Pisces parent, Libra child

A water sign and an air sign can make a beautiful duo, and often the Pisces parent and the Libra child have a great connection. Pisces can be frustrated with Libra’s demanding sense of righteousness and inability to transcend black and white, good and evil. A Pisces parent can help a Libra child see more shades of gray in a situation.

Pisces parent, Scorpio child

A Pisces parent understands their Scorpio child, and can be a great role model in helping their little Scorpio learn to deal with their emotions effectively. A Pisces parent can be a valuable protector and spokesperson for a little Scorpio, and the two really enjoy each other’s company, although they can have big arguments at times.

Pisces parent, Sagittarius child

Pisces parents are proud of their independent little Sagittarius, but sometimes wonder what’s going on in the mind and heart of Sagittarius. A Sagittarius may seem a lot more practical and rational than a Pisces, and Pisces may want to help little Sagittarius learn to balance their head and heart.

Pisces parent, Capricorn child

Pisces parents are in awe of their Capricorn children, organized and rational, and can learn a lot from the way a Capricorn sees the world. Pisces parents can run into problems when trying to give a Capricorn child « their » version of a Capricorn. an ideal childhood. Learning to read the signals of their Capricorn child is very valuable for a Pisces parent.

Pisces parent, Aquarius child

Both imaginative and intuitive, Pisces parents and Aquarius children enjoy exploring life together. Pisces parents can help Aquarians learn to understand other people’s emotions and may need to teach them a few lessons on how to think before speaking.

Pisces parent, Pisces child

A Pisces couple can be intense, for good or bad. Parents and Pisces children can have an almost psychic connection, but it can cause misunderstandings. No matter how close a Pisces parent may feel to their Pisces child, it is important that they remember that they are two different people, that they don’t know how their Pisces child is feeling, and that they can experience the same event in two very different ways.

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