Which parent is Sagittarius?

The Sagittarius parent

For Sagittarius parents, the home is everywhere. Being on the move is what they know best.

Sagittarius parents love to travel. It responds to their desire to explore. Sagittarius parents are naturally intelligent, have high morale, and take their responsibilities seriously.

Sagittarians strive to create a stable family by focusing on integrity and respect above all else. Without hope, they know things won’t be easy. Therefore, it is essential to preach faith in the family. Sagittarius parents expect their children to have faith in them and to have confidence in their parents’ ability to make them successful. Sagittarius parents try to spend a lot of their free time playing with their children.

This is vital because Sagittarians want to teach them how to ascend in life. The home of Sagittarians sometimes becomes a place of play, but also of teaching, sharing and learning. Being a strong family is a top priority for Sagittarius parents.

The relationship of the Sagittarius parent with his child

As a Sagittarius parent, you warm your children’s lives with your optimism and good humor. You teach them how exciting it can be to explore the world. You are an adventurer at heart and you guide your children to embrace life with the same curiosity and openness as you.

With freedom being one of your primary needs, you are probably a relaxed parent who doesn’t unnecessarily restrict their children. You recognize the importance of certain limits and routines, but in general your philosophy is focused on the search for truth and meaning through personal experience. You want your little ones to experience the world and draw their own conclusions from what they find.

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Travel is a great way to expose your children to customs and habits that are different from theirs. With your one-size-fits-all view, you can help them find connections that may not initially be obvious. You will invite your most diverse friends to interact with your children, and you will encourage your little ones to ask questions and make conversation.

You know that education and experience can be acquired in many ways, and not just through traditional teaching. You will pass your knowledge and ideas on to your children as much as possible. Just be careful that your personal search for the big picture does not lead to judgmental behavior. Your children will be inspired more by a truly open mind, and not by an intellect that believes it already has all the answers.

Mother Sagittarius

Mother Sagittarius, taking care of her child, discovers a lot of interesting things that surprise her. Love for her child, she sees it as a natural manifestation of feelings. At first she treats the child as an amazing and charming creature, then she begins to perceive him as a friend.

The Sagittarius mother puts no framework and no limits in front of her child, she takes him wherever she walks and allows him to do anything that does not threaten his safety and health. But such freedom and permissiveness can lead to negative consequences. For example, the child will find it difficult to integrate into society, into the team, where rules of conduct are set.

To make her child happy, a Sagittarius mother needs to take an interest in her inner world, her experiences and her dreams.

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The Sagittarius Father

In the role of the father, Sagittarius serves as an example of sociability, popularity, judgment, innovation in the sciences and the arts. Sagittarians rely on their knowledge, their skills in a specific area. They can give advice on almost any occasion. They want to pass their knowledge and experience on to other people. They are keen on having children to whom they can pass their knowledge and experience, or even share their secret thoughts.

In addition, Sagittarius fathers love to take care of their children, play various games with them, read fairy tales. Their house is full of fun and friends. Even with older children, Sagittarius fathers continue to play tennis, soccer, and other outdoor games. The Sagittarius father is very close to his children, so they have a close relationship for life.

Sagittarius parent, Aries child

Fire signs, Aries and Sagittarius are twice as intense. They can make a formidable duo, but their brutal honesty can hurt at times. They must learn the art of compromise.

Sagittarius parent, Taurus child

Adventurous Sagittarius can be baffled by Taurus’ slowness and steadfastness, although they admire their stubbornness in going through with things. Both signs see the bright side in life and love adventure.

Sagittarius parent, Gemini child

Both imaginative, adventurous and daring, this duo can be very enjoyable. A Sagittarius parent just needs to remember that they are responsible and that the rules are good for their Gemini children.

Sagittarius parent, Cancer child

Sagittarians may feel overwhelmed by their Cancer child, who can be very emotional. Sagittarians can learn a lot from their Cancer children, but they need to remember to give them plenty of space and hugs, and remind them that they are okay to cry.

Sagittarius parent, Leo child

These two signs are intense and understand each other, sometimes a little too much. Sagittarius parents may think Leo is a little too invested in their friends and cliques, and Sagittarius can help show Leo the power to go their own way.

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Sagittarius parent, Virgo child

Both incredibly intelligent, they make an ideal duo when it comes to reading library books and delving into in-depth research. These signs are related on an intellectual level.

Sagittarius parent, Libra child

Both adventurous and curious, they make a great pair, but Sagittarius parents should know that their little Libra can be sensitive and take flippant comments to heart.

Sagittarius parent, Scorpio child

This duo can be intense and dynamic. Scorpio children have deep feelings, and Scorpio children can be offended if they think their Sagittarius parent is playing down their feelings.

Sagittarius parent, Sagittarius child

You understand each other better than anyone, for better or for worse. You both need to give yourself space and independence, and recognize little Sagittarius’ need for privacy – even though they’re tiny, they have a complex and imaginative world and don’t always want you there. be invited.

Sagittarius parent, Capricorn child

Sagittarius parents love their Capricorn kids’ fierce intelligence, but sometimes they feel like their kids are « too good » and want them to bend or break the rules a bit. Helping them learn to rebel is a fun activity for Sagittarius parents.

Sagittarius parent, Aquarius child

Passionate, independent and idealistic, this is the ideal duo for parents and children. The only worry for Sagittarius parents is to remember that they are the parents, as they may be tempted to break the rules together – which is not good for parents!

Sagittarius parent, Pisces child

Pisces children can be intense, and Sagittarius parents should honor, respect, and learn to communicate with the changing emotions that a Pisces child experiences on a regular basis. Both adventurous, Pisces child and Sagittarius parent love to plan adventures.

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