Cancer in love: seducing a Cancer man or woman

Very attentive and discreet, the natives of Cancer are governed by the “water” element. They are sensitive people born under the summer sun from June 21st. Generally, they are associated with diplomatic or emotional personalities because of their delicacy. But, it often happens that they are confronted with their own sensitivity, which leads them to withdraw into themselves or to be upset following a particular or conflicting situation. This is why they show an exceptional reserve to protect themselves. It takes a lot of time and patience to earn the trust of a Cancer native. However, when you achieve this, you get an excellent partner, a spouse or a friend who is both faithful and loyal. Find out how Cancer behaves in love.

The Cancer woman: a devoted and artistic temperament

Caring from birth, the Cancer woman is both discreet and sensitive. She is a delicate person in public, because she loves the comfort of discretion. Also, she is not fond of major appearances on stage, which is why she is difficult to grasp or even erased during major events. But, this delicacy that seems so counter-intuitive to us, is the asset that allows it to seduce and dazzle men.

In addition, with her instinct as a lady « mom », she manages to find her true « happiness » in the family, because she shares her maternal love in abundance there. She also has a keen sense for order, but also for manicness.

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Very open-minded, she never passes judgment on others and gladly makes friends. The latter admired his generosity, his tolerance and his hospitality. However, be careful not to put her on her high horse! Because it happens that she lets herself be carried away by anger.

In addition, in the professional environment, the Cancer woman is rather gifted for art and sculpture unlike the business world. It is therefore suitable for a profession where creativity plays an important role.

Seduce a Cancer man
Seduce a Cancer man

The Cancer woman in love: romantic, even jealous

Sweet and romantic, it is normal for the Cancer woman to love sharing moments by candlelight with her partner. To succeed in love, the Cancer woman needs to have a companion who is sufficiently present and caring. However, a partner who is too kind and complacent generally brings out capricious behavior in her. Therefore, her man must be able to stand up to her in order for the relationship to be stable.

Very rooted in the family, the Cancer woman loves having a man who shares the same values ​​as her and who can support her. It should be noted, however, that she is very jealous. However, it is not a question of unhealthy jealousy, because it can easily leave its pre-square to aspire to independence. Nevertheless, once she doubts the infidelity of her spouse, she can call on the services of a private detective.

In bed, she is very moody because she hardly manages to manage her flights of libido. However, influenced by the moon, his sexuality is guided towards communication, speech and the use of small sweet words to give him pleasure.

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In love, she is strongly attracted to the natives of Pisces, with whom the current passes quite well. Very different from Taurus, she lets herself be seduced by her charm and her tenderness. On the other hand, with a Virgo man, she can maintain a balanced and harmonious relationship. Finally, a Scorpio will provide the Cancer woman with strong voluptuousness and impressive sexual attraction.

The Cancer man: wise and traditional

Unlike men fond of romantic adventures, the Cancer man is reserved and concerned about his image. Like the crab sign that qualifies him, he shows caution, because he hates being ridiculed in love.

Having immense family values, he spends a lot of time with his loved ones and is hardly tempted by any adventure. However, when he feels fulfilled, he can be very talkative and jovial.

Nostalgic by essence, he attaches great value to his old memories, his childhood and the education he received. It must be said, the Cancer man is a fervent defender of culture and tradition. He is also serious, respectful and generally good at work.

The Cancer man in love: he knows how to commit to the long term

Cancer is a person who seeks stability in love. When he finds a serious woman, eager to build a balanced relationship with him, he does not hesitate to get started.

As a couple, Cancers are faithful, attentive and understanding. They are old-fashioned charmers who do their best to make their partner happy. for them, no one is more important than their better half. However, it must be admitted that the Cancer man can feel love differently. He therefore needs to be constantly caught up in the whirlwind of seduction, because he fears romantic breakups.

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In bed, the Cancer man is an undisputed master in love, because he enjoys a panoply of fantasies. As an ideal partner, the Cancer man particularly likes Pisces women, whose sensitivity he appreciates, Virgos, whom he considers credible, and Scorpios, who seem to him both intelligent and mysterious. On the other hand, he judges Aries too agitated and Leos too proud.

What are the love compatibilities of the Cancer sign?

The sign of Cancer favors frankness towards others and seriousness in relationships between men. Thus, the Cancer woman will form an ideal couple in the company of the Scorpio man. Indeed, the latter has the same altruistic values ​​as her and it is on his strength of character that she will like to draw support. As for him, the Cancer man will let himself be seduced paradoxically by the Gemini woman whose delicacy will fascinate him, although her delicacy is likely to disturb their union sometimes.

What are the flaws of the Cancer sign?

The natives of Cancer are generally very emotional. This excessive sensitivity sometimes prevents them from being discerning. Indeed, their hypersensitivity generally results in mood swings accompanied by a certain rage. In addition, they are jealous and protective. Finally, on the professional level, they lack a great deal of initiative.

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